Friday, September 2, 2011

Recipe for Marriage

    I've done it again (been allowed to write a guest blog).  Click here if you'd like to visit an amazing blog where three hook'ers will give you advice on writing, and possibly review your manuscript or self-published book:
Ready, Aim, Hook Me

    Yesterday I made a very interesting phone call.  Before I go on, I'd like you to remember these three posts:
    As I'm sure you remember, I'm having a feud/blog war with my charming, hilarious brother.  So, since I drew blood last, I called his amazing wife and did what any good blogger would do; I snooped around.
    "What's Shane been up to?" I asked.
    "Oh, Elisa," she said.  "He's planning something awful. I'm so sorry."
    "What's he planning?" My voice didn't shake--not one bit.  I'm not a pansy.  My real daddy is a viking!
    "Well, I can't tell you the details, but I will tell you it's bad . . . AND funny."
    "I better be prepared for anything," I said.  "You know, it sucks because I think Cade's helping him."
    "You're kidding!"
    "No, after Shane wrote about my biological mother being a cow, Cade wrote 'it makes perfect sense . . . that's why she Moo'd when our first child was born. Shane, if u ever want to join forces, I love cow tipping!'" I paused.  "Isn't that terrible!"
    "Yes, but Elisa, do you know that I'd love to help, if you need anything?"
    I smirked into the phone, nearly cackling with delight.  I LOVE my sister-in-law!
    After we made several, very devious plans, the conversation went away from my sneaky brother.  "I heard that you put a video of your music on the blog," she said.
    "Yeah, oh and mom agreed to let me tape her playing the drums!  I'll post that on Saturday."
     "People won't believe it." My sister-in-law giggled. 
    "What have you been up to lately?" I asked.
    "I'm writing a paper about the recipe for a good marriage.  I can only pick two ingredients.  Love and . . . I'm still thinking about it."
    "That's tough."
    "I know," she said, and the conversation ended shortly after.
    All day I thought about her recipe.  I know she'll think of a good one since she's such a great cook, but what two things would I pick?  Everyone wants a fatefully happy marriage . . .

    I called some people, my guru-like friends.  
    They voted for:
Love & Fidelity
Love & Money
Trust & Friendship
Love & Sex (that was my father a guy--shocker)
Love & Compatibility (that was me)

    I wondered what Cade would say, and laughed.  I did some research then, and found the top five reasons people get divorced.
    They are:
High Expectations 



Sex and Attraction 

Family pressure

    What's funny is that the people I called were pretty right on.  No wonder they're practically gurus!
    I called Cade later.  "What are the two most important ingredients for a good marriage?" I asked.  I would have bet a million bucks he would have said, 'Love and Sex,' or after reading that comic, maybe, 'Love and Prozac.'
    He paused for a minute before saying.  "Love . . . and friendship.  Why, what would you have said?"
    "Love and compatibility."
    "Compatibility?  Are you serious?  You're with me for . . . compatibility?"
    I felt like Spock, and my logic was wonderful!  I decided to try something daring.  "Fine, love and friendship."  BUT what I really thought is how 'compatibility' means each person is willing to compromise!  
    "Yep, glad you agree," he said.  "It is love and friendship."
    Ha ha! I proved my theory right again--it is love and compatibility!  He felt happier because I'd verbally compromised; I felt great because I was right.  I think we're in for the long haul.

    What two ingredients would you pick?