Wednesday, September 7, 2011

So Cheesy!

    Today is Melynda's birthday!

Crazy World

    Happy Birthday, woman. 
I hope you'll always know how amazing, wonderful and sweet you are.  
I'm so glad to have you in my life!


    So, on to the post of the day.  I was up until 3 AM last night.  The poor Zombie Elf has an ear infection and a fever of 102.1.  I took him to the doctor yesterday and had one of the most embarrassing moments ever.  Against my better judgment, I will blog about it tomorrow.  I'm just too tired and loopy today.

    I do have something silly to share with you though.  When I wrote my post yesterday, The Zombie Elf came downstairs and said, "What you writing, Mama?"
    "I'm writing about how you put brownie on the wall.  You'll never paint with brownies again, will you?"
    "No," he chuckled, "no more . . . painting . . . with brownies."
    I should have known that was the beginning of the end.  
    After I'd finished writing my blog and gotten off the computer, I saw something . . . Cheesy (shall we say).  Sure The Zombie Elf wouldn't make art with BROWNIES, but that didn't limit him much!

                                Thank goodness that KT from:


                        reminded me how awesome pictures can be!


    Here's a closeup.  I love that bite-mark on the left.  


    Right after I took the picture, I went to put my camera in its safe I-won't-get-ruined-by-a-Zombie-and-a-Doctor hiding place.  When I came back, the cheese was gone.  The Zombie and my baby Doctor Jones admired the clean wall.  Both of their mouths were completely full!