Monday, September 19, 2011

Tadpoles or Dogs?

   Once upon a time there were two rambunctious princesses named The Scribe and The Hippie.  They braved many strange lands and went on various quests all because they wanted a dog.
    Once they slayed a dragon, found the Fountain of Youth, made potions, created kick-me signs and braved much more, but still they never got a dog. 
    Their mother (a saint of a woman) would always look at them kindly and say, "NO DOG!  EVER AGAIN!"
    Her words might seem harsh to you, dear reader.  But, the problem was that their last dog, a golden lab, died after six short years of life.  The mother had grown so attached, so close that she couldn't stand the idea of losing another dog.
    Well, yesterday, The Scribe and The Hippie went on a very brave journey.  The mother worried too much, so she decided to go with them.  Could they conquer Tadpole Pond?  Would they see any fish? 
    The mother even grabbed a washed pickle jar of her own, rolled up the hem of her holey pants, and scoured the waters.  The three of them laughed and giggled.  They threw water at each other as they sang to the dragonflies.  It was a magical moment, something they would never forget.
    After each of them caught two tadpoles and three fish (on accident), The Scribe sloshed toward her mother and hugged her around the waist.  It was a gooey hug, the kind dreams are made from.  
    "We don't have to get a dog," The Scribe said.  "I know it was selfish to ask you so many times.  I'm sorry.  I've realized that you're busy and a dog would just make things harder. 
    "I guess the thing is that . . . I used to want a dog to take care of now, since I'm only a kid once.  But I understand why I can't have one."
    The Scribe spoke wisely and was so sincere, the mother squeezed her back.  
    The Hippie saw them hugging in the mud.  She ran over, held a jar high and said, "Look.  We did so good!  Look at how happy they are.  We're the best pet owners in the universe."
    That's when the mother knew they'd passed the final test.  The Scribe and The Hippie had proven themselves as loyal, selfless, optimistic children.  I guess that's why the mother finally let them get a dog.      

Luna, a six-week-old, Siberian Husky 
(Oh, and her pet, Cade)


  1. One cute puppy, love Husky's, great choice. They have tons of energy so should keep all the kids occupied..haha

  2. Good luck, Veal. They're cute, but they eat couches. And now I must go chase my dog with a broom...

  3. Hey you. Hope your first night with miss Luna was a success. Are you exhausted yet? lol I think after seeing you all with her last night Cade is not her pet. YOU ARE!!! She's super cute and sweet. So glad you got the um shall we say "kids" a dog?? Sucka

  4. Oh my goodness! what an adorable puppy! I want one, but I don't think my husband would be too happy if I brought another dog home...

  5. OOOOHHH!! She's so adorable!! Branden even got his high pitched cooing voice when I showed him the picture! What a fun memory of catching tadpoles. I used to do it with my sis except she would just stand on the edge of the pond complaining about how smelly and dirty it all was...

  6. What a beautiful baby you have. Have you had a Siberian before? We're on our third.

    Have you gotten her chipped yet?

  7. I already love you & Cade & The Scribe & The Hippie & The Zombie Elf & Dr. Jones & now I have ANOTHER HIRSCH TO LOVE!!!!

  8. Luna looks so happy to be held by Cade and to be in a new family. Thank you, Elisa, for introducing us to the latest member of your loving family.


  9. PUPPPPPYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I totally understand the pain and heartache that comes with losing a dog, and how it's sooo hard to open yourself to a new one, but they bring so much joy and happiness, I'm so glad you got a new one. LOVE IT! Go you awesome guys!
    Also? Love the way you told the story.

  10. OHHH MYY GOD! sooooooo cuuutteeeee!!!! I just LOVE puppies! they are the cuttes things! congrats. I can imagine how excited your kids are! :) a pet always brings happines and joy! :)

  11. Apparently, I got a puppy AND the flu. I can't wait to visit your blogs tomorrow ;) Right now, I need to convince my food to stop flying round-trip.

    I have quite the story to write tomorrow though lol

    Have a great day.

  12. What a cute puppy! Did you know this dog will grow to be a huge dog? And eat couches, wallboard, and whatever? But still, Cade is awfully cute, and I think he won't grow any bigger.

  13. Okay, its a super cute puppy now.....but how adorable will it look with your chewed up strapped shoes dangling out of the corner of her mouth?

  14. AWWWW! So cute!
    Have you spelled her breath?
    I freaking LOVE puppy breath.
    You are about to have a plethora of new stories with your newest addition!
    Can't wait to hear them!
    Get better!

  15. Aawh, the dog is cute, but your kids sound dreamy!;)