Monday, September 5, 2011

Vlog: Ban Abusive Sleepers!

    Seriously, what is the deal with abusive sleepers?  I feel like it's time to stand against them.  Just 'cause you're sleeping, that doesn't make abuse okay!
    Let me add a slight confession.  I used to be an abusive sleeper--when I was six.  
    But what's the excuse for adults who punch in their sleep?
    Do they have Tim Burton dreams?  Do they dream in clay?  Do they think of things like this!
(What the crap is this about anyway?  Gotta love google image finder.)

     Or possibly . . . the very WORST thing of all.  Are they abusive sleepers because their favorite brother, their ONLY brother, just created a blog and posted an embarrassing video of me them!!!
    Very possibly.
    Here's that link: Cow Woman
    By the way Shane(r) IF you are lurking on the net, reading this, I'm concocting a new plan THIS VERY MOMENT! Bwa ha ha.

   Anyway, back to the point, why are people abusive sleepers?  Please watch this video for further details about that question. 

A BIG Thanks to:
Melynda from "Crazy World" who's on the left,
Crazy World 
And Candiss from "Through the Wringer."  She's on the right.

I'm in the middle.

    Here goes: