Thursday, September 22, 2011

Owners and Dogs Look Alike

    The Rule of Dog: When you buy a dog, you'll end up looking alike (as long as you're a good pet owner).

    This is 100%, undeniably TRUE!  If you're a doubter, then check out the examples below:

She brushed her dog's hair EVERY MORNING!

He wrote songs for his dog!

She gave her dog a spa treatment.

This dog got treats at every meal.

He taught this dog accounting.

I know this final example isn't really related, 
but I had to put it up anyway 
Isn't it AWESOME!
Who knew?

   So, as you're reading this, I bet you think that everyone 
(even the animators for Disney's 101 Dalmatians) Photobucket
knows the truth about buying a dog.
If you're a good owner, you WILL end up looking like your dog!

So, why do people take a chance?

And buy whatever this guy bought?
Is it really worth the furry risk?

    Don't they know that they're sealing their fates?!

    Anyway, I brought this up today because I recently bought a Husky pup.  She was so darling, so absolutely cute, I forgot about the rule of dog!

    WHAT WAS I THINKING--possibly condemning myself, my husband AND my children to lives of extreme canine ugliness?

    If you buy the right kind of dog, you're fine.
But if not, well . . .

    To top things off, last night I had the mother of all nightmares.  I made my children breakfast, turned around and screamed because they all looked like hyenas as they lapped up their cereal!  As soon as I woke up this morning, I googled "Husky Owner Look Alike."
    My hands shook as the results came up.  Had I done the right thing?  We love the pup so much.  We'll keep her no matter how ugly we'll turn.  I just wanted to know how bad things would be. 
    After seeing the picture, I feel much better!  Thank God I picked the right animal for my family.
  I can't wait until the transition is complete.

On a side note,
what was the name of your first pet?