Thursday, September 22, 2011

Owners and Dogs Look Alike

    The Rule of Dog: When you buy a dog, you'll end up looking alike (as long as you're a good pet owner).

    This is 100%, undeniably TRUE!  If you're a doubter, then check out the examples below:

She brushed her dog's hair EVERY MORNING!

He wrote songs for his dog!

She gave her dog a spa treatment.

This dog got treats at every meal.

He taught this dog accounting.

I know this final example isn't really related, 
but I had to put it up anyway 
Isn't it AWESOME!
Who knew?

   So, as you're reading this, I bet you think that everyone 
(even the animators for Disney's 101 Dalmatians) Photobucket
knows the truth about buying a dog.
If you're a good owner, you WILL end up looking like your dog!

So, why do people take a chance?

And buy whatever this guy bought?
Is it really worth the furry risk?

    Don't they know that they're sealing their fates?!

    Anyway, I brought this up today because I recently bought a Husky pup.  She was so darling, so absolutely cute, I forgot about the rule of dog!

    WHAT WAS I THINKING--possibly condemning myself, my husband AND my children to lives of extreme canine ugliness?

    If you buy the right kind of dog, you're fine.
But if not, well . . .

    To top things off, last night I had the mother of all nightmares.  I made my children breakfast, turned around and screamed because they all looked like hyenas as they lapped up their cereal!  As soon as I woke up this morning, I googled "Husky Owner Look Alike."
    My hands shook as the results came up.  Had I done the right thing?  We love the pup so much.  We'll keep her no matter how ugly we'll turn.  I just wanted to know how bad things would be. 
    After seeing the picture, I feel much better!  Thank God I picked the right animal for my family.
  I can't wait until the transition is complete.

On a side note,
what was the name of your first pet?


  1. Hahaha! Good choice of dog breed! Sadly, Branden and I want a Basset Hound at some point and I don't think our transformation will be very sexy (like I need any more parts of me drooping!).
    Growing up, we had an Irish Setter and even though none of us had red hair, the dog did look like my mom. My lovely mom has a rather long nose and Irish Setters have long just worked! My first pet was a cat named Sam but I don't remember him much since he ran away when I was under the age of 3.

  2. Sooo funny! UI love the photos. God help me if I end up looking like my old basset/beagle dog. He's so fat his stomach sways when he walks!!

  3. Our first pet was a cat Mom rescued when I was 4. The neighbor bitch-lady was yelling at her kids to take the cat she had in a pillowcase and go throw it in Lake Michigan. Mom heard this and took the cat. We had him for 14 years. We named him Sidney after actor Sidney Toler who played Charlie Chan. We also had a dog a year after that whom we named Basil after actor Basil Rathbone who played Sherlock Holmes. Great pets, they were.

  4. LOL! i just love these pictures.

    My cat's name is Martini. I shouldn't have called him that though. He's acting like he's drunk all the time! :D

  5. haha I'll have to remember that when I get a dog, no fear of looking like a cat, thankfully, or I'd grow spots. Husky is always a great choice though and now even more that you know.

  6. You can't possibly go wrong with a husky as they are stunningly beautiful dogs. Now I'm off to google "Brittany Spaniel owner look-alike". Wish me luck.

  7. That is soo awesome. Especially the Huskie one. Well, awesome and extremely frightening. But also funny. At least we don't look like our birds. That would be...that would be tragic.
    My first dog's name was current BABY is Vivi, she's an Italian Greyhound and a sweetheart. We spend lots of quality time sleeping together.

  8. This is a very true phenomena. Husband and I were just discussing it the other day. Very scary to be sure. That's why I refuse to buy a hairless dog...that's just asking for it. Right now we have Flea, the giant, idiot, lovable, infuriating boxer. If I ever start looking like him, I hope it's just the toned shoulders and haunches. Not the jowls...ugh

  9. very funny. i heard similar things when i had my dog. the harry potter/john lennon cracked me up.
    my first dog's name was tag, named after the dog in the gulliver's travels cartoon from way back in the day.

  10. I've had many dogs, but I can't remember the name of my first one. When our kids were small we had a beagle named BAGEL. I don't have a dog at the moment, unless you count my husband. I sincerely hope Luna is easier to train than he was.

  11. I had a husky. I also have the blue eyes. :)

    I have kids that look like me, and a cat with acid reflux. Trust me when I say that's enough.

    My first dog was Radar, but he bit, so he didn't last long. Then came Ernie, but he was stupid, and he got hit by a car. Then there was the dog I remember... Kelly, a springer spaniel, she lived to be 18 people years old. At one point we got another, Mike, he lived to be 12 (People years). Years later I got the Husky, Sammy, but sadly, we had to send her to live on the farm.

    Seriously, it was a horse farm in Davie. Crazy dog, wouldn't stop eating the couch. :)

  12. uh,oh! *runs to grab the dog and hold him up beside her in the mirror*

    Darn! Too late!

  13. LOL! This had my rolling- and it is amazing how many of the dogs look just like their owners! My dog actually looks a lot like me. My first pet I named after my teacher- Mrs. McCleary (it was a cat)- until my dad made me change it because he never knew if I was talking about my cat or my teacher!


  14. Haha - this is awesome! A magazine I read (OK, OK - it's American Girl Magazine. Not the most age-appropriate for me seeing as how I'm over 10 years older than the highest of the target age demo) has a contest every once in a while where readers can submit pictures of them and their pets if they look alike. The published ones are amazing!

    For the pics you posted here, I especially like Snoop Dachshund :) You must post pics once the transition is complete :P

  15. Dear Elisa, when I was about nine, Mom and Dad brought home a puppy for my brother and me. Mom named him Kentucky because that was the road on which we lived. She was sure that if we couldn't remember where we lived, we'd at least know our dog's name and thus find our way home!

    Now I lived with three cats--Matthew, Maggie, and Ellie. I think that I do perhaps look like Ellie--who is overweight!!!


  16. Sorry I am late. I got past my owner the other day and have been running free all over the neighbor. I gave her a real good run for a seriously long time! We ran the entire community before I graciously let her catch me. This doggie story has been sitting on the picture box since then awaiting my return for a proper looking.

    For my own personal protection I am going to refrain from using my name at this time. But you see, I am a happy energetic ghost dog, Great Dane to be exact, and I have been running the fields of the afterlife for slightly over fifteen years now. My person, Debra, never had the heart to get another dog after my passing. I don’t let her forget me; saw fit to run through her dreams just a week or two ago. Really kicked up some chaos!

    I watched her do all that funny ticking and tacking things she does with her fingers on the brightly lit picture box and it told her that if our relationship had gone on long enough for a change to begin, she would look like Walter Matthau!!

  17. Those photos are hilarious!

    And thanks for your fun contribution to last week's Limerick-Off! I hope you'll be a frequent participant!

  18. Had a seriously good laugh....and posted in on my FB.

    Following you from Voiceboks :)

  19. My first pet was Katy. She was a little grey tabby cat with the gentlest nature. My parents had her before even my older brother was born, so I'd known her all my life; some of my earliest memories are my dad teaching me to stroke her the right way and not pull her tail. She didn't much like to be held of sit on laps, but she had a favourite space on the sofa where she spent most of her time, and if you sat beside her and reached out to stroke her you would always hear the diesel motor start up straight away. She never bit or scratched, even when us kids were too little to know not to tease her. Sadly we had to put her to sleep when I was about ten - she was about fourteen, which isn't a bad innings for a cat.

  20. I don't remember anything much before age 7. But, I had Buffiford Blumenfeld who we called Buffy for many years. He was extremely intelligent and was allowed in places other dogs had not been.