Tuesday, September 13, 2011

An Icon

    First off, I want to tell you to check out Connecting with Stephanie.  She is amazing and fun.  That woman tells the best stories and was sweet enough to let me guest post for her--what a doll!

    So, on to the madness of today.
    Have you ever heard of someone so epic, so completely amazing, people whisper about their awesomeness?  For some, you may have whispered about Johnny Stamos, Marilyn Monroe, Bush, Paul Newman, Brittney Spears (God forbid), or that little man on "Willow."    

    Others of you may lie saying, "I'm above icons."
    Yeah right!  To you I say, "Shame.  Someday you might be judged for those false words.  I hope you like fire and brimstone!"
    So back to the point, as kids we all had certain famous people we looked up to.  When I was little, my hero was God (you can't get more famous than Him) and a close second runner-up was Rainbow Brite.  She had all the moves.  She could fight, she could sing.  Heck, she could even walk on rainbows.
    Well, now that I've grown up--you've grown up and we're bloggers--I think quite a few of us look up to one famous lady.  
    I know you've heard of her--practically everyone has.  Let me give you a hint, she doesn't have a blog (yet), but she leaves some of the best comments ever.  For example, she left this comment on my blog yesterday: "How big is a bull's brain? And the answer--I don't know. No one's ever seen one!"
    She's epic, hilarious, witty.  If this woman ever starts a blog, she'll be bombarded with fans.

    Yes, folks, I'm talking about fishducky!  I had the pleasure of talking to her on the phone.  I got enough Rocky Mountain Oysters to call her.  (Well, I've been calling a lot of people lately--what's new.)  Anyway, let me tell you, she is awesome.  It's rare to meet an icon and think even more highly of them after talking to them.
    She really is one of the sweetest people I've ever met.  
   You know, it's rare to come into a community like this and feel as if you've made friends.  I started a blog because my son kept destroying my journal--I figured he'd have a tough time destroying a blog.  But now it's more than that; I feel like I'm part of a network of generous, caring people.
    I just had to say "thank you" to all of you.  Your comments and continual kindness have meant so much to me.  I never thought I'd say this, but I'm glad The Zombie Elf used to destroy everything.  Without his shenanigans I might not be here and I wouldn't have met all of you.
    Thanks again for everything!

   Who is/was your icon?