Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Fifth Side; Our Music

     Yep, I'm a musician.  Maybe you already guessed that because of my quirky sense of humor, or my strange way of viewing life.  People have told me that musicians and artists see things differently from everyone else.  I never quite believed them.  But back to the point, maybe you realized I'm a musician because you're physic . . . or possibly because I told you.  However you knew, the point is that I love music.  

     I think my musical bond with Cade has tied us together through the good and bad times.  We even wrote a song that has a line about how, "We're tied together in these musical strings."
    Anyway, for more along that mushy line, go here:

The Crazy Life of a Writing Mom: Memories of the Music

    But for today, I thought it would be fun to include an except from my upcoming book "The Golden Sky", and show you our favorite song from when we were homeless street musicians in Hawaii.

    Here's the excerpt:

     Cade and I continued to play, and at one point, when everyone danced to the music, I broke a string on my violin. I'm good enough that it didn't mess me up too badly, and I just went up an octave if I needed to hit certain notes.
     After the song was over, I said, “Cade, I just broke my G-string.”
    “That sucks! Do you have another one?” he asked.
    “I'm not sure, but I think—” I said, and then a little old woman, who had a very loud voice, interrupted me.
    “Where I come from, the young folks don't talk about G-strings in public! I can't believe you'd say such a crude thing in front of all these people,” she fumed, and everyone stared at me.
    “I was talking about the G-string on my violin,” I said, and the woman hobbled away as everyone laughed until they couldn't laugh anymore.

        Anyway, here's our music.
(The Scribe taped it so beware of her awesome . . . jumpy skills.)


  1. That's so great! The closest I can get to playing an instrument is whistling, LOL.

  2. That is the funniest story about the old lady. Your music is fantastic. I hope it will always be part of your life!

  3. Hahaha, I love your broken G string story! That's awesome! You two play wonderfully together! It makes me jealous! My husband is a musician but sadly, I'm no where near one! You two are fabulous!

  4. G string is less embarassing than G SPOT! You guys are REALLY good! Have your kids started to play any instruments yet?

  5. PS--I am an artist. Perhaps, as you said, that would explain why some people might feel I also have a quirky view of life.

  6. Thank you so much, everyone :)

    Artists rock--no wonder you're so awesome. I remember the post Carol wrote about you; that was really neat.
    The Scribe and The Hippie both play the violin. I keep hoping my mom will teach The Zombie Elf how to play the drums. My mom is such an amazing drummer. ;) Then, if Doctor Jones learns the bass guitar, we'll have an entire band.

  7. /The broken G string story is one of my favorites.. lol I heard you guys doing this when I was walking the other night. K don't forget my birthday is next week. You owe me an outdoor concert that evening lol

  8. Dear Elisa, only seven words come to my mind and I mean them with all my heart: "Thank you and Cade for making music."

  9. :) Awesome! You guys make beautiful music together *dang, that sounds diiiiirrrrtttyyyy!*

  10. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it when you two play together! You both amaze me. Oh, and I'm right there with Melynda. My birthday is in a few months... hint hint, wink wink, nudge nudge.

  11. I am also married to a musician-I can relate! We met at a concert back in the 80s...it's been an interesting union!


  12. Bill is a musician. As creative as you are...I am not surprised you are, too. I am endlessly impressed. Awesome.

  13. That was awesome! I used to Irish dance so when the song started to get upbeat, I started counting measures and beats in my head to figure out which dance would work. Also, I played flute up until a couple years ago, so for many performances, my dance teacher often asked me to play a song (I had a book of Celitc/Irish songs and airs for the flute).

    Love the story about the old lady. Wonder how she knew about THAT kind of G-string anyway...

  14. Ok so let me get this straight,
    You're gorgeous, a great writer, wickedly talented with a violin, can make cute clothes, hilarious, sweet oh and make some really cute and funny kids too.
    I'm sure there's plenty I left out but I'm green enough with envy as it is.
    Just kidding...kinda..lol.
    Seriously, you rock!

  15. Awesome post & music.
    Cade, I appreciated your candor about reading Elisa's old journals and what it did for you. I'm a regular journal writer, but tend to skim over the unpleasant episodes of life (with the exception of my daughter's death) and delve more into the blessings and good things that come. I'm rethinking that approach. You also reminded me of the value of going back and reading what I've written.
    Also, I blogged some reflections on our rehearsal here: http://myangelprincess.blogspot.com/

  16. All I can say is "Goose-bumps" and G-string. Thanks for sharing your music and humor!

  17. Okay that story legitimately made me I don't even have a word for it...laughbed. I laugh sobbed. Because it was a delayed reaction and...oh it's too complicated, the point is, that story made me die.
    And then your music...so beautiful. I have a soft spot for string instruments...you guys are amazing.

  18. It's too bad this page seems to have been vacant for 8 years. I saw them both play about 4 years at a book store, I was hoping they were still doing their music. I have their CD and after finding finally, it made me want to look into them.