Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Fifth Side; Our Music

     Yep, I'm a musician.  Maybe you already guessed that because of my quirky sense of humor, or my strange way of viewing life.  People have told me that musicians and artists see things differently from everyone else.  I never quite believed them.  But back to the point, maybe you realized I'm a musician because you're physic . . . or possibly because I told you.  However you knew, the point is that I love music.  

     I think my musical bond with Cade has tied us together through the good and bad times.  We even wrote a song that has a line about how, "We're tied together in these musical strings."
    Anyway, for more along that mushy line, go here:

The Crazy Life of a Writing Mom: Memories of the Music

    But for today, I thought it would be fun to include an except from my upcoming book "The Golden Sky", and show you our favorite song from when we were homeless street musicians in Hawaii.

    Here's the excerpt:

     Cade and I continued to play, and at one point, when everyone danced to the music, I broke a string on my violin. I'm good enough that it didn't mess me up too badly, and I just went up an octave if I needed to hit certain notes.
     After the song was over, I said, “Cade, I just broke my G-string.”
    “That sucks! Do you have another one?” he asked.
    “I'm not sure, but I think—” I said, and then a little old woman, who had a very loud voice, interrupted me.
    “Where I come from, the young folks don't talk about G-strings in public! I can't believe you'd say such a crude thing in front of all these people,” she fumed, and everyone stared at me.
    “I was talking about the G-string on my violin,” I said, and the woman hobbled away as everyone laughed until they couldn't laugh anymore.

        Anyway, here's our music.
(The Scribe taped it so beware of her awesome . . . jumpy skills.)