Friday, August 19, 2011

Top Ten Torture Devices For Women

Would you rather be tortured with this:

Or One of These:

    I say, "Give me the Iron Maiden!"

    Before continuing, let me tell you that today's post is dedicated to:
Grandma Gertie who said...
 It had to be a man who invented the bra!
fishducky who said...
To GRANDMA GERTIE--It probaly was a man who invented the bra. I KNOW that a man invented the boob squisher--aka mammogram. Can you even imagine a man putting his privates in a torture device like that?

And to
Padded Cell Princess who said...
In response to Grandma Gertie and Fishducky about feminine things that are made my men, how about the Pap Smear?? Can't you just see a couple of male doctors looking at the woman in the stirrups saying, "Well, how are we going to test this area??" "I don't know but let's poke it with a stick!" Thus a medical 'procedure' is born!
Anyway, the three of you got me thinking.  
I decided to find my top ten torture devices for women.  
These products are still used. 
  Here they are in no specific order: 
#1  "Nose Up" 
For those of you who want to   
turn your "Nose Up" at the world.
#2 Waxing . . . seriously, isn't there a better way?
        #3 "The Lip Pumper"     What the heck?  This sounds painful! If you want a big lip, get in a bar fight.     You might get some beer out of the deal too!
#4 Exotic Acne Treatment--you read that right.  
These little guys are guaranteed to   
remove pimples AND moisten your skin-what a deal! 
#5 Top Charming  

#6 Whatever they're doing to her:

#7  Yet another Acne Product.


#8 The "Nose Hair Remover"

#9 The Eyelash Curler
Once my friend used one of these.  
While curling, she went to rest her elbow 
on the counter and missed.  
Needless-to-say, she looked very funny 
with only one set of eyelashes.

And #10
Either Hideous Lingerie
Like this:
  And this:

Or the worst, deadliest torture device
ever known . . . 
small men who are obsessed with tall women.


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