Tuesday, August 23, 2011

How Gum Represents Hell

    It all started with Jill.  Do you remember Jill and the break-in?
    Here's that link if you need it:

    Anyway, Jill ran into some trouble the other day.  She met a male blogger (from the other side of the country). They shared a trail of e-mails, which she thought were a bit strange.  Jill didn't worry too much about it though--not until her husband came home and read the e-mails.

    The first e-mail read:

    Dear Jill,
        Do you have any plans today?

        No plans.  I just need to go shopping for milk, bread and gum.
        Gum.  Oohh.  I hope you're getting "Big Red" because I like it spicy.

    She immediately called me after her husband read the e-mails.      
    "He just left the house," she said.  "He stormed out screaming, 'You're having an affair.  Do you like it spicy?  You do like it SPICY!'"  Jill took a sob break before continuing. "I'm not doing anything.  Xxx lives across the country, and I'd never do something like that anyway!"  She paused.  "Elisa, I don't like it spicy.  I hate 'Big Red,' really I do."
    That's when a new theory hit me; cinnamon gum is of the devil.  Just look at the packaging if you don't want to believe me.  That little flaming dude--he's bad news!

    So, poor Jill still suffers.  They're trying to work it out, but her man claims she likes it too spicy for him!  He's obviously a fan of spearmint.

    Without further ado, I'd like you to watch this video and learn more:
     Oh and in order of appearance: Melynda (from Crazy World) is on the left, Candiss (from Through the Wringer) is in the middle, and I'm on the right.
    Enjoy . . .