Tuesday, August 23, 2011

How Gum Represents Hell

    It all started with Jill.  Do you remember Jill and the break-in?
    Here's that link if you need it:

    Anyway, Jill ran into some trouble the other day.  She met a male blogger (from the other side of the country). They shared a trail of e-mails, which she thought were a bit strange.  Jill didn't worry too much about it though--not until her husband came home and read the e-mails.

    The first e-mail read:

    Dear Jill,
        Do you have any plans today?

        No plans.  I just need to go shopping for milk, bread and gum.
        Gum.  Oohh.  I hope you're getting "Big Red" because I like it spicy.

    She immediately called me after her husband read the e-mails.      
    "He just left the house," she said.  "He stormed out screaming, 'You're having an affair.  Do you like it spicy?  You do like it SPICY!'"  Jill took a sob break before continuing. "I'm not doing anything.  Xxx lives across the country, and I'd never do something like that anyway!"  She paused.  "Elisa, I don't like it spicy.  I hate 'Big Red,' really I do."
    That's when a new theory hit me; cinnamon gum is of the devil.  Just look at the packaging if you don't want to believe me.  That little flaming dude--he's bad news!

    So, poor Jill still suffers.  They're trying to work it out, but her man claims she likes it too spicy for him!  He's obviously a fan of spearmint.

    Without further ado, I'd like you to watch this video and learn more:
     Oh and in order of appearance: Melynda (from Crazy World) is on the left, Candiss (from Through the Wringer) is in the middle, and I'm on the right.
    Enjoy . . .


  1. Thanks for the video. It was good to see just whom I've been writing comments to!!!!

    I'm deaf in one ear because of Meniere's Disease and so I think I missed much of that laugh-out-loud conversation between the three of you. Candiss' baby certainly enjoyed your delight. A happy baby.

    But here's a question you might consider: What about those of us who don't chew any gum???????? Any thoughts on that?

  2. Melynda - I don't think you can guess what I'm thinking right now ;D

    you all are hilarious! ;D you should do videos more often :)

  3. Dee,
    People who don't chew gum . . . I they think must be upstanding, wonderful citizens who won't stoop to the level of even considering a cinnamon moment. I wish I could say the same.

    Thanks, Baiba :0)


  4. Will there be more of the same?

  5. Leet awesomeness! That was so much fun. We definately need to do that again, and again... more often. Sho Long! Shlong! Don't be chewin' any evil gums when I leave!

  6. LOL the only flavors of gum I chew is bubble gum flavor and cinnamon. XD

  7. Bree's with me she is a naughty weekend chewer. Way to go Bree!!
    You are truly the only person I would have done this with E. What the heck was I thinking. haha.
    Love your face. BTW when we get our sample gum I'm not buying the Zebra pack. I'll get the Big Red but the Zebra pack is all you. I don't want people to think I'm loving with my mother.

  8. OMG, You guys are insane, I can not believe you posted that video. Do not show it to Cade...LMAO, So if I chew cool mint does that mean I am safe? We don't even get cinnamon gum over here. Guess Norway is safe from the temptations of hell. LOL!

  9. OK! So I've got a billion thoughts, questions, and theories running around in my head...first off, I agree cinnamon gum is evil (plus I can't stand the smell of it when people chew, smells like enhanced saliva) but cinnamon gum with FLAVOR CRYSTALS would have to be the anti-christ of all gums.

    Secondly, if fruity gums are "loving with your mother" than the fruity gums with the oozing juice in the middle would definitely have to be "loving with your father"!

    And lastly, I was just thinking, if the world ran out of condoms and condom making materials the best gum to use for a substitute would have to be Bazooka. It's long lasting, extra durable and can make really BIG bubbles ;)

    Thoroughly enjoyed this...more, more I say, more of these thought provoking videos!

  10. To RACHEL JOY--

    The idea of using Bazooka as a condom material requires quite a STRETCH of the imagination.

    Sorry. Sometimes I just can't help myself.

  11. @Fishducky: well in that case use 4 pieces!

  12. Ok , gals, that proves what I've been thinking about you for a LONG time (not being jjudgemental here) but, YOU GUYS ARE NUTS! However, what is equally amazing is that your commentors are also a tad crazy!

    I, myself, chew bubble gum and juicy fruit (although not at the same time).

    And, if I may, there is a term that is unfamiliar to me. What is a sex life?
    At the age of 70 and having been divorced for over 40 years my mind can't remember what that is.....................kt

  13. Someone send @kt a box of Big Red ASAP!

  14. I will rescue Kt. I just need an address!

  15. All you weekend cina-minis! And a Bazooka condom, we could make some cold cash with that idea! Who cares if it takes three pieces--that's golden!

    We need to send you a box of gum. Then we can make a follow-up video about the "Big Red difference." I always chew it when Cade's around. I hope you know some nice men. :0)

  16. I sure hope you guys really went and interviewed people...I would soooo love to see that video! By the way, what is zebra gum?

  17. Alicia,
    We didn't go yet, but we're planning on it. I just might need to give Melynda some vodka first LOL!

    Here's a link about zebra (fruit stripe) gum.

  18. I agree about bad guys chewing cinnamon gum. My evil ex-boss always chewed Big Red. Now I know why!

  19. That poor boss. We know where he/she's headed.

  20. So, I guess it's a good thing that I've been single my whole life and I prefer classic bubblegum flavor as well as any flavor with strawberry. I'm too sweet for guys I guess >.<

  21. ROFL...you guys are so funny...Elisa with "obviouSHly"..lol...so cute.
    Don't think we get Big Red in UK...coz I so wanna try this now after seeing ur video...lolzz

    p.s. I have put ur blog button too...its one blog I read everyday!can't get enuff of the craziness!;)

  22. The video is delightfully frivolous and the ensuing comments from everyone have ensured this post gets a huge thumbs up from me...for creativity, wit and just plain, good-humoured silliness :)

    Thank you, all three of you (& not omitting that gorgeous bundle gurgling on Candiss's lap!) for sharing this entertaining nonsense with us...best of all, was seeing you in person :)

    I'm with Dee - a non-gum chewing, upstanding member of society! But, I love cinnamon...sprinkled liberally on my oats, on pancakes, in fruit muffins, on baked pumpkin, bread and butter pudding...could you enlighten me on the underlying meaning of this preference, perhaps? I know it has nothing to do with your gum theories and on-going research, per se, but it's the cinnamon demon I'm concerned about.

    What kind of gum were you all chewing? The same? Different? Is there a particular manner in which gum ought to be chewed? With a closed or open mouth? Both sides of the mouth, or one side only? Is it polite to roll it around and chew it with the front teeth? Those of us who don't yet chew gum, but might like to try it out sometime, need instruction, please! Dee, I suspect you may fall into this category?

    PS I just read Melynda's post about her first experience of hearing you and Cade play for them. What a beautifully written account of how she felt at the time and has felt, ever since. Such a great compliment to your obvious talent, Elisa!

  23. If you get the chance stop by my place and under the header Things I Hate you'll read my take on gum chewing :) Happy Wednesday - I'm followng you through the Wandering Wednesday. Hope you can stop by and return the favor soon! http://www.shaunanosler.blogspot.com/

  24. First off, strawberries are AWESOME, thus anyone who likes strawberries IS awesome!

    Secondly, if I could send everyone in the world a pack of Big Red, then I would, just so they might "experience the rush."

    I think as long as it's not cinnamon gum, then you're safe. And after (even more) extensive research, I have decided that if necessary, cinnamon is something to be used wisely. It can help women lure men. So, if you eat cinnamon, beware of the pure power! If you take that a step further and CHEW cinnamon gum, remember it's like love--when gum is involved just chew however you must.
    If you end up trying out this theory, let me know how it goes and I'll write about it!


  25. Dang, my favorite gum flavor is cinnamon but I usually never get it. I normally always get peppermint. I'm with Melynda though that it's ok to chew cinnamon on the weekends ;) My husband and I think it's not ok to chew Zebra gum at anytime after puberty (even though Branden says they come with cool temporary tattoos...I'll be talking with him later....) This was a great vlog and my goodness I just wanted to reach through and kiss that sweet baby's cheeks!