Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Is there anything worse than a . . .

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    The dog disappeared down the darkened hallway.  The atmosphere dripped of greed and death.  I knew I shouldn't go closer, but my bedroom rested at the end of that hall, and sometimes the best part of the day is when I get some sleep.
     So, defying my own intuition and fighting the good fight, I walked closer.
    Have you ever been someplace where you shouldn't have been?  I have, like the time I dated a younger guy with a big butt.  Well, this reminded me of that time--just scarier!  It was like every horror flick I've ever seen (I've only seen two).  But seriously, I was alone, in the dark; I'm a girl AND I HAD SHORTS ON!  If you're watching a movie and the girl is alone and she's wearing shorts, or just her underwear, you know she's going to die.  It's practically the kiss of death.  So, if you're a woman, LISTEN UP; don't walk alone in the dark, in your underwear--especially outside, Hollywood AND statistics say that's a bad idea!

    Anyway, I worried for my dog then.  That husky is never quiet.  She's always wild and crazy.  Something must have happened to her . . . in the hall, with the collar.  

    I stepped closer, completely worried.


    Darkness consumed my thoughts.  Why hadn't we gotten the stupid light fixed?  Why hadn't I locked the back door?
    Now I couldn't see a damn thing and our dog was in trouble!
    My dog's life flashed before my eyes.  She'd been such a cute puppy--she still was.  We've only had her a few months, but she makes life fun.  
    Who cares if there was some dog-killing villain in the hallway--I have a shotgun--if that jerk hurt my dog, he would pay, redneck style!
    A noise hit my ears after that--a terrible sound one makes while exhaling a final breath!  
    I wanted to call her name.  Luna? I whispered with my heart.  Was she okay?  But I kept my concern in.  I wouldn't let the killer know my exact location.
    I didn't shake.  I didn't even seem fearful, just mad.  
    If there's one certain thing I've learned about people, it's that you don't make a mother OR A PET OWNER mad.
    I rushed to where my dog must be.
    Then a smell enveloped me, burning my eyes and nose.  I knew something BAD had happened.  Worse than darkness, worse than death because there's nothing more disgusting, more vile . . . than a dog fart--truly--unless you're in a dark hallway with it and you're wondering if it's more than it seems.  
    So, that last breath, it came from the wrong end.  And there wasn't enough light to check for poop on the floor.  My dog licked my face after that.  She had no idea I'd almost had a heart attack! 
    She was alive, which was amazing, but I'm willing to say, it was still a rocky start to the night.  Thank God it's morning now!

    Have you ever gone through something like this with a cat or a dog?  Is there anything worse than dog farts?