Friday, November 11, 2011

"The Golden Sky" Blogfest is in less than a week!

    My journal had about a million entries from before Zeke was born and after he died.  It was so huge, I couldn't use everything.  But today, I thought it might be fun to share one of the entries not included in my book "The Golden Sky."
    Let me set the background . . . 
    I was nineteen.  The previous year I'd been a homeless street musician in Hawaii, but after getting pregnant, I came back home, settled down and faced reality.  I had one little girl and another baby on the way.  I was newly married and struggling to make ends meet.
    Here's what I wrote:
    How peculiar that clocks can be set in sync with one another, yet humans cannot be.  For some people the days must fly.  For me they don't.
    I went to see Cade since he works out of town.  My dad used to work out of town a lot too.  We'd visit him every once in a while.  
    I've seen a ton of beautiful places worth looking at.  But as I was driving with my own daughter today, I noticed a scenic point that was the ugliest thing since Medusa.
    As I looked across the valley, all I saw were old bushes that didn't even have leaves on them.  I wondered why anyone would want to stop there, but as I kept looking, I noticed the patterns in every bush.  They had spirals and every branch became beautiful.  
    It was a canyon filled with a million stars--each unique with its own story to tell.  If we could all just look deeper we'd see the beauty in so many things.  We all have a story . . . I guess this is mine.
    Anyway, I didn't keep that entry because there were similar entries later--I guess I like looking at bushes.
    Now, onto the blogfest!
    My memoir, "The Golden Sky" will be released on:



Click HERE for more information about "The Golden Sky."
    That day is extremely special to me because it is Zeke's birthday.  He would have been nine years old this year.  I always struggle knowing what to do on his birthday, but this year will be a wonderful.
    My journal about Zeke's life will be published.  I will  also get to connect with other bloggers who are willing to share reviews on my book or stories dedicated to loved ones who have passed away.  I want this to be a beautiful memorial where people can become friends, find a close network of caring people, and grow through great support.  

    Two wonderful reviews were posted today.
    For a chance to win a copy of my book, please check out these links:
To advertise this exciting event, on November 18th, 2011, I will host a giveaway for an ipad2 OR $500.00 cash! (further details to come)
   In addition, 5% of ALL profits on sales (during 11/18/11) will go toward helping people who have lost or are losing infants and children.
    I will also have a section where people can donate money to Angel Watch (the great organization that helped me when I lost Zeke).
    More surprises are coming, but I don't want to give too much information away just yet.
    Anyway, visit my blog on November 18th, 2011 AND I'll give you further details about the ipad2/$500.00 cash contest.  (Runners-up could win $20 gift certificates, CDs of our music or copies of my book.)  The winners will be announced, and will get the prize in early December--just in time for Christmas! 

    This is where you come in--for a blogfest.  
    I'm allowing other bloggers to participate and share in this great opportunity for exposure.  I will have a list of those blogs as well as links to their sites.  It will be perfect for advertising your blog.  Plus it will give you a chance to showcase your writing talent!  
    I've been working on this event since last January and I expect a HUGE turnout! 
    I've set up radio interviews as well as reviews in newspapers.  The event will be promoted via those outlets as well as through ads and flyers which are being mailed and personally handed out.  

If you'd like to participate in the blogfest, 
all I ask in return are two things:

1- On November 17th, 2011 write a post as tribute to someone you have lost.  Make it something special that other people can relate to and remember.  (Fictional pieces are welcome as well.)
Just remember, this is the post I will link to the event on 11/18. 

2- Put this button on your November 17th Memorial post.
(Feel free to size it as needed.)

    So . . .
   I will need to know your blog's name and web address for the event. Over seventy people have already signed up--can you believe it?!  I'm so thrilled!
   Please leave a comment if 
you'd like to sign up.

    I'm getting really excited now.  Wish me luck!  
I hope Zeke would be proud.