Thursday, November 17, 2011

"The Golden Sky" has been released!!!

    My book is available!  There's info about that at the bottom of this post. 
    First things first though . . .
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    All right, I do have some surprises for you, but first, I want to talk about Zeke's birthday.  
    Nine years ago a baby was born.  I loved him for his courage and strength.  I loved him even after he left me.  Now I must say, that over the years, I've grown to hate his birthday.
    It felt like someone ripped out my soul the day my son died, but through it all, I gained a greater sense of compassion and the patience I lacked.  I realized that although death will claim what it owns, I will always have memories of friends who loved me, a family who supported me in their quirkiness, and a God who never left me.
    Yes, I hated my son's birthday, but not anymore.  Because you, dear readers, have turned this into an exciting day.  It is today I give you a piece of myself--and a piece of my son.
    Today, my journal from that time has been published, and November 18th is a blessing once again for me.

    From ashes to ashes . . .

    From dust to dust . . .

    From sorrow to joy!

    Thank you!

    In honor of Zeke, because after every storm, there is a golden sky.

Happy Birthday, Zeke.  You are so loved!

The Surprises!

    5% of all profit made today will go toward helping families who are struggling with infant loss. 
    If you'd like to make a donation of your own, visit this link, and specify Angel Watch as the desired recipient.  

    I'm sure you've read this already, but for the first fifty copies of "The Golden Sky" sold through Barnes and Noble or Abe Books, you will receive a free CD of our music--something we haven't made available since 2005! 
    If you haven't heard our music, which is a huge part of "The Golden Sky," please check it out: 

Now, onto the surprises!  

I have an author website--isn't that awesome.  
Please feel free to browse around, check out my upcoming books and projects--just have fun.
Click on this picture to visit my site:
So fun!

But the greatest thing (for me) about the site, is that I've released pictures of Zeke.
If you'd like to see him, and pictures from the time written about in my book, click here:
    The next surprise, is that The Scribe, so excited to do her own part, helped me write a book for this event.
She is so proud.  If you'd like to check it out, I know she would be thrilled. 


    Yahoo for  

    And finally, The Forums of Gold.  
    If you'd like to share your opinions and make some friends, please come visit these forums designed especially after my book!

So many great things to talk about.
    Jenn, from The Blog Starts Here, asked amazing questions and posted an interview today!  If you've read my book, you might be interested to see what she asked.

And the best part of all . . .
After years of hard work, my book has finally been published.
Wow . . . one of my biggest dreams came true, 
now I just need to meet fishducky!



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