Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I wrote a song for my son who had CDH.

I have some VERY exciting news!  

    Zeke's birthday is in ten days!  That means my book about his life will come out a week from Friday!  You'll get a chance to join my blogfest and win an iPad2 or $500 cash!
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    As I got excited about this, I did what any good blogger would do; I googled the number ten.  And these were some of the top results.  Can anyone tell me what this potty has to do with the number of the day?

Oh and I LOVE Sesame Street--that's where I got this picture.  
(Some people just never grow up!)
    So, since I've been working on this book launch since January, 2011, I do have some special things to share with you for the next couple of weeks.
    In my book, "The Golden Sky," I described a song I wrote for Zeke.  Well, I took live footage from the funeral, and thought I'd share that with you today.  I hope it won't be too sad, and I'm sorry if it's hard to hear.
    Here are the words if you're curious:
Zeke, strength of God
Come now and strengthen him
love him and help him through
the battle

My baby it's so hard
yet so beautiful
God please
give me understanding

though I know some hurts may come
you're worth every one
struggle so deep
for a gift so pure....
I can't imagine life without you...

Sorrow is around me
but it's never
gonna drown me
because our love
will see me through

Our love is timeless
no beginning or end
Our love will tie us
I'll never lose you
I'll never lose you

This is what I said at the beginning of the video:    
    "When we first found out Zeke had problems, I went to the piano because that's how I deal with things.  Well, this is the song I wrote for him." 


    If you'd like to see a more recent version of this song, with Cade (my husband) playing the guitar, and me playing the violin, here it is:

Also, I wrote a guest post today. It's over at  Daily (w)rite. 
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