Saturday, November 5, 2011

Is He Really Into Me? Blogger Style.

    We've all had vague, random comments left on our blogs.  Maybe we've wondered, did this new, non-English speaking person really read my blog?  Or maybe it's just me, but seriously, several months ago, Melynda from Crazy World (click here to visit her blog) and I met a strange blogger.  He wrote the most hilarious, posts, but his comments on our blogs seemed a bit odd.

    On several different ocassions here are the comments he left:

    Nice blog!
    Love your Header.
    I'm following.

Wish there were more of you.

    Well, being the time it was, Melynda and I hardly had any male readers and for some reason (probably since we're both tomboys) we were both thrilled to have both a male and female readers.  (If you're a chick I know you'll understand this.)
    So, one day, this man left a VERY nice comment on Melynda's post.  "I LOVE this blog topic.  I laughed SO hard.  You're hilarious."
    Not even a half of an hour later, I read the EXACT same comment on my blog.
    Now, that would have been strange (#1), but (#2) the fact that the particular post was about my son who died after only a few weeks in the hospital.  I just didn't understand how it was even funny, although HIS comment is now.
    So, I went to his post, and went to all of the people who had left comments for him.  He'd returned to ALL of their blogs and left the same comment he'd put on my blog and Melynda's!
    He shut his blog down not long after this experience.  I still wonder if someone contacted him--I didn't--even though Melynda and I thought it was hysterical.
    Well, I've been thinking about all of this, because yesterday morning something similar happened.
    I shared my brother's blog post on various websites.
    He wrote an ummm . . . interesting blog where Melynda and I were well . . . you might need to check out his blog.  

Here's that link:

This picture might give you an idea of what it's about:


    I read his blog and laughed so hard that I cried.  Well, like I said, yesterday morning, I shared his link everywhere.  I received a personal response from a man who I believe didn't read the blog, but instead just looked at the pictures.
    "Wow," the long response began, "you must be wonderful best friends to make pictures like this of yourselves.  I would never be brave enough to share this with the world though.  You must be very close indeed."
     I gasped!  Melynda and I didn't MAKE those pictures.  We were victims--V-I-C-T-I-M-S.

    Seriously, read what my brother wrote on Melynda's blog a few days ago.  We ARE the victims:
Middle Damned said...
Lo! Listen small and insignificant fools. Your paltry, curried words are not enough to flavor the weakest of stews! It was not I that has thrown it, but the gautlet HAS been thrown, the die has been cast and fate's will tested. Crazy is an apt adjective for both Melyinda and Elisa. For they are crazy indeed and will pay the fare for riding on this sladerous ride of madness. I am now struck by the revealed commonality between them, luring you to their blogs with this siren-song of profane defamation. CRAZYness Abounds - The CRAZY Life of a Writing Mom. They are, the both of them, crazed indeed. I will be REVENGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Literarily speaking)

    I just had to share because this made me giggle so hard.

    In closing, have you ever had people leave strange comments on your blog--comments that made you wonder if they even read the title or the post?