Wednesday, November 9, 2011

How do you put your kids to sleep?

    Sometimes it can be hard putting little ones to bed.  Half of the time, I think the Zombie Elf would rather be running around the neighborhood naked, than sleeping.  That little boy is such a card.  I call him my rainbow baby boy since Zeke died and then the Zombie Elf was born on Cade's birthday.
    Anyway, I went to put him to sleep last night, but things got crazier and crazier.  I put the puppy (our husky) in her kennel.  Poor dog, she always goes to sleep first.  I finally put Doctor Jones and my Zombie into their pajamas when suddenly my boy requested that we fly to the moon.  (Not a big deal, right--it is JUST the moon.)
    "Fine," I said and all four of my kids hopped onto the bed.  "Oh, my gosh.  It's a rocky ride this time."  I shook the bed and made rumblings noises.  "You better hold on for dear life."
    "What's dear life?" the Zombie screamed.  "I need to hold it." 
    My oldest girls started giggling as we flew past an asteroid and some comets.  The Scribe held Doctor Jones (my one-year-old girl) and the Hippie helped the Zombie as we battled aliens and so many things I bet Neil Armstrong never saw! 
     "We're almost to the moon.  Can one of you float over to the light and turn it off?" I begged since I couldn't leave the controls.
    It was the Scribe to the rescue.  That kid loves to float!
   Then, all five of us stared at the ceiling.  I put some glow-in-the-dark stars up there a while back--since we go to the moon a lot.
    I snuggled close to each of my kids and as we rested in the dark, looking up at the stars, I thought of how I may never go to the moon--or even Europe--but there's no place in existence quite as great as having family.
    "I love you," I told my kids.
    "And we love these trips to the moon," the Hippie said.
    "I do to, but we can't do it ever again!" the Zombie Elf said, suddenly ran, turned on the light and put his hands on his hips.
    "What?  Why can't we go again?" I asked.
    "Mama," he said.  "It's because you always leave someone out.  Mama . . . I have to tell you.  YOU forgot the dog."
    So, amends need to be made.  I love our trips to the moon, but do you think we'll actually make it there if our bed rocket tries hauling a mom, two older gorgeous girls, a zombie, a legend, and a husky?  I need your help!  How do you put your kids to sleep?