Sunday, November 27, 2011

Turbo Driller and the Neutralizer

    I'm addicted to many amazing blogs, but I have to put one in the spotlight today.  This particular blog asks the funnest questions that really get you thinking.  For a taste of their awesomeness, please go here:

The DMS Wants to Know!

   On Saturday, they asked a very interesting question about superpowers.  Cade and I had been talking about this, and I couldn't believe the odds when I opened their prophetic blog and read their post!
    So, I started thinking about superpowers EVEN more--since it was fate.
    "You know how Captain America's gift is basically just what was already in his heart, but amplified?" I asked Cade and he nodded.  "Well, if that happened to you, I think you'd be Turbo Driller."
    He practically gave me "the eye."  The point is that Cade is a superintendent for a drilling company.  He can drill holes up to 200 feet deep, with a 16ft diameter.  Imagine if he fell into a vat of acid--he could drill to the center of the Earth!
   Not to get sidetracked, but I told him I was writing this post, and he wanted me to share these videos from work.  Please note, one naughty word is said during this first video.
    They blasted before drilling this particular hole.  You can tell they were pretty excited.  My husband got to plant the explosives himself.  

   Here's a video of him actually drilling after it had been blasted:

    The final depth of the hole was 40ft by 10ft diameter for a power line pole.  It took approximately 100 yards of concrete to fill.
     So, back to the point, I thought I'd given Cade an amazing compliment!  "Seriously, Turbo Driller, I can see your costume and everything."
    Well, if you haven't guessed, I told Cade all of that because I wanted to see what he thought I would be.  "Turbo Driller?" he said again.  "Why couldn't I be cool like Wolverine?"
    "Because we're talking about amplification!  Now that we know what you would be . . . Turbo . . . what would I be?"
    He smirked so big, I wished I could take the question back.  "You would be the Charmer.  I know what your outfit would be too."
    "Lame!  Plus, why the Charmer?  That sounds like a villain's name."  I pictured a man with a black top hat and a curly mustache.
    "Of course you'd be the Charmer and you'd be so happy no one could be mad at you.  You could swoon villains."
    --Let me just say those were his EXACT words.  He made sure I wrote that correctly.--
    "I don't want to be the Charmer.  But you can call me . . . the Neutralizer."
    "That outfit wouldn't be as cool."
    "But the name's much better.  Only jerks want to be called the Charmer."
    "Really?" he asked.

    That's my story for today.
                                        Signing off . . .

                                                            The Neutralizer

    On second-thought, I googled my name and this is the picture that came up:


     Maybe I should pick a different name.  

    Just not the Charmer.  That costume is even worse!


    I don't think Cade was thrilled with his outfit--at least the bottom section.

    So what would your superpower be if it was something about you, just amplified?  What would you call yourself?