Thursday, November 10, 2011

An Unexpected Surprise--Warrior Elf

    I thought I was being witty.  My brother and I sat at the table.  Our mother had just given us each some water and I wanted to prove how cool I was--at the age of fifteen.
    "When I look at this half full glass, I don't see it optimistically or pessimistically.  I simply see what is.  I'm a realist.  This . . . is a glass of water . . . and it's half full."  I smirked at my brother; surely he'd be scared to play Scrabble with me AFTER THAT since I knew big words and I was a realist!
    Shane just looked at me.  "That was weird.  Plus, you're lying.  If there has ever been an optimist living on this Earth, it's you, Elisa."
    "Is not!" I said.  Then, I didn't want him seeing how mad he'd made me, so I quickly slapped a smile on my face and turned to him.  "But I guess maybe there is a bright side to that.  You must think I'm awfully happy."
    "See," he smirked, "you are an optimist.  I called you out on your crap, and you're still seeing the bright side.  Nice!"

    Maybe my brother was right.  I guess that's what I realized last night as I went through Zeke's box.  I haven't been through his pictures in years.  I think I did find some amazing things to share with you on 11/18--the release of "The Golden Sky."   
    As I went through his box, I found my two journals (filled with emotion), piles of papers, napkins, paper place mats, everything I'd written on when Zeke was in the hospital and after he died.  
    Here's a picture of the main journal I wrote in, as well as the mass of papers I wrote on when I'd been desperate leaving my journal at home.


    It's crazy what I wrote down and how I described my feelings.  I was, after all, only nineteen.  Maybe it's a good thing that youth brings honesty, at least it did for me.
    I had so much material to use from my journaling efforts, I couldn't use it all in "The Golden Sky."  As I went through my own writing yesterday, I found one of the many entries I didn't put in my book, and I think you might find it interesting.  That's for tomorrow though, today, I need to share something else I found in Zeke's box.
    First, let me tell you how handsome my husband is--I know everyone says that about their husband, but I'm really into mine.  I guess that's what happens when you marry a hunk.
    Here's a picture.
    I had to share that with you because yesterday, as a friend helped me go through Zeke's box, I was almost in tears.  I just couldn't forget how his little hand would hold my finger, or how cute he'd been.  Well, as I thought all of that, I came upon this picture--IN ZEKE'S BOX!  I suddenly laughed so hard I couldn't help it.  My father-in-law made it at my request--he did an excellent job.  It was nine years ago though, and we've grown up so much since then. 
    Anyway, the thought of the picture being in Zeke's box.  I don't know why it hit me so funny, but it did.
    So, in closing, I'd like to ask you, what do you think?  Isn't he sexy as an . . . elf/warrior prince?  I should be careful posting this--who knows, it might go viral.


    P. S. And I wonder why Cade wants to help my brother with the blog war . . .

    Oh, and my memoir "The Golden Sky" comes out in 8 days!  Holy cow--I remember when it was over 100.