Saturday, October 15, 2011

Ask Your Spouse

    Have you ever been nervous to ask your spouse something?
    Well, I was.

     So, I decided to ask him and catch his reaction on video.

     Here it is:

    Also, here's the dialogue in case it's hard to hear:

    Elisa: We're here to talk about questions you're scared to ask your spouse.  So, I have a question for Cade that I've always wanted to ask him, and I'm going to catch his reaction on camera.
    Are you ready for this?   

    Cade nods, completely nervous, but trying not to act like it.

      Elisa:  When you're home, why do you always line the toilet seat with paper even though you're home?

    Cade:  'Cause I don't like a cold toilet seat on my butt.

    Elisa:  And a tiny piece of toilet paper will warm it right up for you?

    Cade:   It'll take out the shock of the contact.

    Elisa:  How cold do you think it is in here?

    Cade:  Well, it's more habit than anything else.  When you're on a construction site and it's thirty below, go sit your butt on a cold toilet.

    Elisa:  Ya, but this isn't a construction site.  This is just our family.

    Cade:  The other thing about construction is, you don't know about other people's hygiene.  Putting your butt where their butts have been . . . you might as well pull down your pants and stick your butts together.

    Elisa:  I'm not talking about construction sites.  I'm talking about our house.  Why do you put toilet paper on the toilet?

    Cade: It's more than habit and plus, it's not like we're the only people who use the toilets in our own house.

    Elisa:  So what you're saying is that you have something against the company we invite over to our house.  You think . . . you think they have The Clap!
    Cade:   Ummm . . . no and you just learned what The Clap was after I embarrassed you at that restaurant.

    (Here's that blog post: The Clap.)

    Cade:  Your face was redder than your shirt.

    Elisa:  It is not!  But now I have to talk about The Clap in everyday conversation because I'm so proud I really know what it means.

    Cade:  Back to the point.  Just think about it; do you want to sit down on a toilet seat and put your butt where everybody else's butts have been?

    Elisa:  Well, if you invite company over and it's okay to be their friend, then ya you assume they'll sit and it's okay if your butts touch the same thing.

    Cade pulling a mortified face.

    Elisa:  I don't mean it bad.

    Cade:  Woah!

    Elisa:  But I clean the toilet seats.

    Cade:  After every time someone uses them?

    Elisa:  No, but at least once a day.

    Cade:  Well, and if you also think about it, if you put toilet paper on when you use the bathroom, then when someone else comes, they aren't putting their butt where yours has been.

    Elisa:  So what you're trying to do, is save everyone else from yourself?

    Cade:  No.  But people wash their hands and it's the same sort of thing.

    Elisa:  What a generous, sweet soul you carry in that handsome body. 

    Cade:  A-huh.

    Elisa:  Well, we just wanted to see if you have any questions you've always wanted to ask your spouse.

    So tell me, do you?


  1. hahahahaha Oh I can so relate to this. Besides my own toilet I always use toilet paper on the seat if I'm somewhere else, mainly work or family/friends. Never ever use a public bathroom I'd rather go in the bushes and use leaves...haha

    Anybody uses mine and I lysol it down before using it..hahaha

    You never know what those germy people could have, friends or not..haha

    Need a spouse first to ask questions..haha

  2. When you told me you were going to interview Cade, this is NOT what I thought you had in mind! Funny, though!

    When you've been married 55 + years, you already know how your husband would answer any question you could ask him--or else you don't give a damn!!

  3. LMAO! ;DDD this si sooo funnnyyy!! :D I love how your face turns red in few seconds at the end ;D you two look so cute together :)

  4. Ahaha...that was too funny! You guys are so cute together :)

  5. Awwwww . . . you're so young and skinny and cute -- just like I used to be. Adorable couple. Blea bluh -- sorry, I just vomited in my mouth a little bit. Every morning I wanted to ask my husband, Is there any chance you'll be sane for a while today? But it was pointless because he thought he was sane when he was psychotic. I especially liked the part of the conversation when Cade said you might as well rub butts with somebody else if you sit on the toilet seat that person has used. Well, I'd kind of like to rub butts with a few people I know. My butt is lonely. How about them apples?


  6. Haha, that was soooo cute, you guys are really cute! Loved to watch it!
    - andrea

  7. Nice that you giuys can laugh together. I agree with most of the others, you look like a good couple.

  8. This was so cute, I can't believe Cade let you do this without knowing what you were going to ask...You're too funny and he's a really good sport. Btw, I do the toilet paper thing too, except at home, 'cause we don't get any visitors....You guys are so cute :)

  9. Ok, I just died....that was SO funny! I can't ask my hubby anything because he is an open book and tells me anything and EVERYTHING I want to know before I That was great!

  10. That is so funny! Thanks for sharing. When my daughter was a little girl I taught her how squat over the toilet seat in a public bathroom rather than sit on it. It wasn't until year later that I found out that it evenetually became a habit and she does not sit on the toilet even at home! Like you, I just don't get it! ;p

  11. My husband and I don't even have complete sentences anymore. We know what the next words are. I know him too well, sometimes. Amy von Oven and I are together on this.

  12. He is a good sport, and I can imagine what was running through his head waiting to hear the question.

    I'd have lots of questions to ask, but most would seem like I was nit-picking or something.

    Since our lives have changed so much in the last decade raising kiddos and having little time to ourselves, I would probably ask something like: "Was I as annoying before kids or did I just grow into that role?"

  13. Hahahaha!! This is so funny and cute!! I don't do that at home but I definitely do that outside my home when using other bathrooms!

  14. You guys are so adorable. Don't you just love how ticklish big, strong men are? My husband jumps like Cade evrytime I touch a ticklish spot. When I was first married I asked my husband why he prefered boxers to briefs. His answer "they have more room to move around in" can only guess where that conversation went on from there.

  15. No husband. Never has been and probably never will be. So no questions.


  16. That is hilarious! You two! Your face was so stinkin red at the end. That backfired didn't it? lol

  17. Funny stuff! I'd ask him why it's necessary to arrange the bills in his wallet from little to big and none of them upside down. Weirdness. Like the presidents would get a headache or file a grievance for seniority issues. ;)

  18. The only question I have for my spouse is "Where are you?"