Saturday, February 15, 2020

My dog disowned me

My dog keeps running away, which is more than slightly annoying. The thing that gets me, is how she keeps going to the same house, actually several streets away.

Today, the man called me, since I’m practically on speed-dial.  “Your dog is at my house again.”
The man is hilarious and really embodies class. He’s Japanese and about 60. Every time I go pick up my dog, the man is wearing a maroon bathrobe, fuzzy blue slippers, and silky pajama pants.

Who is this guy?  My husband thinks he’s amazing, my dog wants to live with him, and I want to know why he gets to wear pajamas all the time.

He looks like he came straight out of a classic movie starring Humphrey Bogart and Catherine Hepburn. I expect him to hold a big cigar and talk in a fancy accent.

Anyway, a higher fence didn’t help our dog, so now we have an invisible fence and “Abby” has a collar that beeps every time she gets too close.

After reading the recent incident reports about dogs getting out in Bingham County, I am especially conscious that our pet has been out a few times a year.

At least that’s one dog who won’t be getting out all of the time.

Do you feel like this is an issue in the area?

On a side note, why in the world does my dog keep going to the same house?

I thought about how the man likes our dog a lot, but doesn’t seem to be the type who would own her full-time or anything.

As I got her in the car, which was difficult since she’s a massive doberman, I thought about how often in life I’ve wondered if “this” or “that” would be better than current circumstances. Like a person who chases rainbows, thinking a pot of gold will be at the end, but when they get there, the rainbow is gone–I don’t want to be a rainbow chaser. And I sure wish my dog would stop being one too!

A stressed pet owner