Friday, October 7, 2011

In a Funk

    Today, I'm in a funk.  I don't know what the deal is.  
    I've been editing A LOT, which is good since I have three books coming out within the next six months!  Whew!  That's a ton of work.  
    It's amazing what editors and readers will catch.  I can see why people make sure the release dates are so far into the future.
    Here's my current list:

    Release Date November 18th, 2011

    Release Date February 2nd, 2012  

      Release Date April 21st, 2012

   I googled "funny editing" and here's the totally unrelated to my post picture that came up.  I guess editing comes in many forms.  

This does scare me a bit though. 
    Anyway, two things have come to my attention.  One, I have the opportunity to put photos in my memoirs.  Can you give me your advice on this? 
    Do you think I should put pictures in the books, or just have a special section on my blog where people can see pictures from those times?  
   --That's what I'll do for my fantasy novel; I've already received some darling fan art from my test readers.  My nieces and nephews get extra points for that!-- 
    But back to the point, I've never even shown a picture of Zeke on the internet.  I don't know what my deal is.  I've shared everything with you, my life, my pain, my dreams . . . yet now I'm struggling to share a few pictures.     
    Some of the pictures show absolute sadness, while others are hilarious (like the time I started modeling to pay the bills).  
    I have some hysterical pictures from after my life fell apart and I tried picking up the pieces.  I was bent on doing anything to get my mind off of things.  I mechaniced.  I waitressed.  Hell, I even helped herd cattle in Colorado!  I'll never forget it though. It was during those times that God helped me make it through.

    Plus, the main point of my memoir is to help people.  If those pictures would help others relate to the story even more, that would be wonderful.  I just don't want images to detract.  Sometimes it's better to imagine books on your own rather than seeing what the real people looked like.  (Like that modeling part . . . if you read my journal, can you picture me as Michelle Pfeiffer; that's not too much to ask, right?)
    The other thing putting me into a funk OF EXCITEMENT, is that I'm going to Las Vegas next week with my mom, and I've always wanted to meet Elvis!
        My Uncle, Richard P. Donathan, died in Vietnam.  And now, I have the amazing opportunity of meeting men and women who knew him during that time.  Isn't that awesome!  I think it will be really neat.  I love listening to stories and I hope they'll have a ton.
    Anyway, do you have advice for me about the memoir pictures?  I respect all of you so much and would really appreciate the feedback.



  1. Sorry you're in a funk. Hope you'll give yourself a rest and replenish.
    I would personally prefer not to see photos in your book, but if you do a section dedicated to photos that would give your readers a chance to look if they want to.
    I cannot wait for you book to come out in November!

  2. I'm with you in the funk. I'd rather it be this kind of funk though.

    I wish I had advice to give on the pictures. I'm more of a visual person, so pictures would be nice, but I think it's your preference, isn't it? What do you want to share? How comfortable are you with sharing it? Will having pictures out there make it hard to talk about the book? If it makes you uncomfortable, don't do it. Otherwise, I'd like pictures.

  3. I think this is something YOU have to be ok with. I made the desion to put pictures of Bethany in my book because, one, I felt like it brought people into her life and her story, and two, because I am SO proud of her and I love her. All I have of her to show off to the world are those pictures. I want the world to see that her life was perfect and see had a purpose and I was ,and am proud to show her off...but, that was my desion. You have to search your heart and see what you feel ok with giving to the world. This is a VERY deep and close part of your heart. I do think pictures help people relate to the book and the story, but only if you are ok with that. Remember, this is YOUR heart, and your story. Pray about it. I know you will make the right choice.

  4. I always find pictures distract, unless they are directly tied into the book somehow. All a matter of opinion though.

  5. Aw, I hope your funk goes away! That picture with the switched up head is VERY freaky...LOL! Who wasted their time to make that?

    I have read a few memoirs where there was a "picture" section in the middle of the book. The author put captions under the pictures to explain who they were photographs of. I enjoy being able to put a face to a name, so I vote YES to pictures in the memiors.

  6. I agree with LMF--use pictures, maybe 10 or 12 at the most, & put them only in the center of your book.

    And have a blast in Vegas!!!

  7. Hmmmm . . . 'tis a dilemma. Personally, I like photos in a memoir. But if it upsets you too much, don't do it. Respect your own feelings.


  8. Yes, photos for a memoir in the center section. You can always still have a special place on your blog too.

  9. funks happen. sorry. i'm in one, for sure. you know, the fact that you haven't done photos in the blog means you have all this special energy that's been untapped related to images for the book. how to do it will be clear when one way clearly works better than the other. i imagine it depends on how the memoir was written.
    congratulations on all your success.
    ps: i'm still attempting to add you to my blogroll. it keeps telling me i need to follow you, which i do repeatedly, but your url doesn't show up. i will keep at it. just want you to know it's important to me, and i am so technologically challenged it's a secret.

  10. "FUNK" seems to be an internet virus of sorts. We all have it lately.

    I have no advice for your memoirs. Sorry. My brain can't function right now.

    I'm going outside to rake leaves. :)

  11. Dear Elisa, Like LMF and fishducky, I like photographs in a memoir. I like to see the faces of the people who are becoming important to me as I read.

    But, as Amy von Oven commented, you need to be comfortable with adding photographs.

    Perhaps, you need to think about the difference between words/idea and photographs and why you've chosen not to put them on your blog. This may be a privacy issue to protect your children. I don't know, but you need to consider your own comfort level and let that determine what you do about photographs.


  12. Honor your own deep heart on this one. On the one hand, vulnerability is your strength. On the other, this is your journey of bringing the book and its healing out into the world. It will help people whether or not you include photos. By way of sharing experience, in my own case, because of the subject matter of my memoir, I decided only to include two photos of me when it was published and left out the other people in the book. One was one me as a child on the cover and one as an adult on the bio page. What's your clear heart no thought immediate response? If you do, I agree with the other comments of putting them in one place in the middle.

  13. When I read this my first thought was no. I thought sharing him with other people--strangers--is not good. I don't know why, can't explain it. Perhaps because he is more than just his little physical form. Reading your journal gave me insight into a purpose for life--Zeke's life. Although it wasn't long, his purpose was actually more vast than those who've been here 80 years. I'm on the fence on this one. Pray about it. You'll do the right thing.

  14. Put me in the category of those who like some photos in a memoir. And sometimes leaving our comfort zone is what makes the story really hit its mark. Having said that, I would err on the side of respecting the wishes of those featured in the piece.

  15. I think the fantasy novel can have as many pictures as you like, but I'm not so sure I would put more than a little one for Zeke,kind of like a little reminder. YOur memoirs can have pics, I think that would connect your readers even more.

  16. I love pitures in a memoir and I think a section in the center of the book would be perfect. But it's all up to you and how comfotable you feel doing it. I'll read it all the same. Btw, the man/baby picture is super disturbing...LOL

  17. I would put a few pictures the most in a book.. It's still up to you with the number you are comfortable with.

  18. photos are good and I agree with the others, they should be in a designated section of the book...and of course you've got to have an author's photo! hmmm how about that modeling pic of yours? =D

  19. Like Einstein after being electrocuted. I can totally relate to that.:)