Friday, April 27, 2012

A Stranger's Kindness

The Read Cat Bookstore in Clearfield has been an amazing source of comfort for thousands of residents living in Utah.  Although the economic times have been tough, people always knew they could go there for good conversation and reasonably priced books. Through this bookstore, many children have developed a love of reading. Residents realized they could still afford to buy quality books.  The place has the most helpful staff and wonderful selection of new and used literature, but unfortunately they are closing their doors and moving far away.
    I first met the owner, Eric, when I was struggling to get my name out there.  Although he had nothing to gain, he generously helped me and never asked for anything in return.  He gave me a signing and taught my nine-year-old daughter how to take pictures during the event--she'll never forget his kindness. 
    After a while, the beginning of a successful writing career, many local speaking engagements and 24,000 followers later, I'll be back at THE REaD CAT BOOKSTORE for its last day of business at this location.
    Another author, Melynda Fleury, will be appearing with me. My husband and I are scheduled to play Celtic music--here's a sample of that:
Famous 4 a Moment.  
    We'd love to see you there and sign some books, but most of all, I hope we'll bring in some business for the owners of The Read Cat.  We're really sad to see this store go.

    Do you even know how hard it is to get that first book signing--to have someone give you a chance?  Well, that's what they did for me.  The kindness of a stranger . . . It's something I'll never forget.  Because of Eric and his generosity, I was featured in the newspaper.  It was the start of some exciting things.  He probably had no idea how much that act of kindness jump-started my dream of being a successful author.   

    The Scribe bawled when she found out that they're closing.  She loves their books AND their genre signs!

Here are some pictures of me at the last signing:



    Thank you, Eric!

Thousands of books will be on sale for $1--including hardcovers.  As written before, there will be live Celtic music.  I urge you to come out and help show our gratitude for this local owner who has done so much for his community. 

The REaD Cat Bookstore
189 State Street 
Clearfield, UT 84015
Saturday April 28th 12 - 3pm


  1. I'm sorry I can't be there--Eric sounds like a wonderful person!

  2. I wish I could be there.


    1. Don't forget: anyone who buys a book from E.C. or Melynda can get as many of those $1 Sale books as they want....for only 25 cents each ! The entire back room (larger part) of the store now consists entirely of those books on sale.

      -The Eternal Self Promoter

  3. Wow that is surely a great deal and sad to see it close. I liked the signs a lot. Too bad I'm so very very far away.

  4. That's so sad. And they showed you such great support. :*( I wish you the best of luck at the signing.

  5. Reminds me of that movie about the little shop around the corner---You've got mail. SO sad to see small businesses closing their doors :/ I would have been there if only I could fly! Good luck at the signing and the best of luck to what appears to be one of those "helping angels" that you have been lucky enough to meet.

  6. Sad to hear, but they sound like awesome people. Super glad they gave you a break. Sometimes that's all you need to open the floodgates.

  7. I know it will be a huge success for both of you, just feel it. As you mentioned the book store all I could think of was the movie "You've Got Mail" about another little book store closing due to economic times and how much it meant to the locals. One of my favorite movies. Have a wonderful weekend.

  8. It's frustrating when independents get muscled out of the market by big chains. This post shows why they are important to communities.

  9. I hope lots of people show up! I hate to see fabulous book stores closing - and this sounds/looks like a great one!

  10. I hate it when small local businesses lose out in the current economy! I hope your book signing and music playing brings in people who say they will be back again!

    My brothers are running my dad's business which has been in our town since 1937 and are being squeezed out by bigger companies and our son is a pharmacist at a small town drug store (so far they are o.k.) Shop local,'s good for all of us!

  11. Yes, I rermember my own first book signing, at our own local store. Great support. And the store is actually still in busiiness.
    If I lived in UT I'd drop in!

  12. Dear Elisa, . . . Life seems so infinitely mysterious. What I mean is that you walked in The REaD Cat Bookstore and met a man--Eric--who has helped change your life.

    We do, daily, come upon angels unaware. They touch our lives and then move on to touch the lives of others.

    I hope Eric can continue to run a bookstore in a place that needs his gentleness and kindness to strangers. He is, perhaps, the guardian of books and of hard-working authors who seek an audience. Please tell him that I'm picturing him with the white light of abundance around him. The light of Oneness. Peace.