Friday, April 20, 2012


Welcome to Fishducky Friday.
   I'll be over HERE at Close Encounters with the Night Kind.  Then this evening the winners of the kindle fire/$250, writing and art contest will be announced.

    Now take it away, Fishducky!

My father-in-law normally parked in his driveway, but he got a ticket—twice—for parking in front of his house during street cleaning time, directly under the warning sign.  He posted a sign of his own on top of the city’s warning.  It read, “Don’t park here, Stupid!”
    My mother-in-law wrote a book (one handmade copy—not published) for each of my kids when they were small.  My daughter’s was “Reader Nameless” (she told me she prefers to be nameless in future posts) because at age 4 she kept begging me to teach her to read.  I hired a college student since I didn’t feel capable of doing the job.  She was reading at about a 4th grade level when she started kindergarten.  Matt’s book was “Me, Matthew”.  I remember one part very clearly.  It went, “Matthew’s mommy got him a haircut.  It was very short.  His mommy called it a crew cut.  His grandmother called it a shame.”
    I had a friend who used to do the New York Times crossword puzzles in ink.  (So do I, but I don’t brag about it.  She DID!)  I bought her several books of the Times puzzles & mailed them to her as a gift.  I actually sent only half of each book.  I tore out the back half—where the answers are printed--& sent those to her husband’s office with instructions to let me know when she found it necessary to ask for help.
    Bud’s friend, Bernie, used to drive him & another friend, Ralph, to law school every day.  Bernie weighed maybe 150 pounds, soaking wet.  The other two weighed 200+, EACH.  Bernie drove a little MG.  The third passenger had to sit on the second one’s lap.  The car, not surprisingly, developed a permanent tilt.
    Two of my favorite things in the world are béarnaise sauce & cash flow—not necessarily in that order.
    My dad passed away while he was in the hospital.  After his death, his mail came to our house so we could take care of his bills.  There was a bill from a doctor for a “short hospital visit” AFTER his death.  Bud called the billing service to straighten it out & was told “If the doctor says he saw him, he saw him!”  (I suppose the reason it was a “short hospital visit” COULD have been due to the fact that my dad was already dead.)  My husband told them to please go ahead & sue us.  He told them he was a lawyer & would love to put the doctor on the stand to explain what he had done for my father at that visit.  We never heard from them again.
    We were treated to a beautiful sight on the freeway recently.  A California Highway Patrolman (the guy who gives you tickets) was on the shoulder, kneeling down by his car & changing a flat tire.  It made US smile, anyway!
    There was a restaurant in Monterey, CA called Neil DeVon’s Steak House.  Bud was stationed at nearby Fort Ord & he & his friends would often eat there.  I’m not sure of my husband’s dietary practices at that restaurant, but one day the manager jokingly (?) said to him, “Lt. F------, we’re happy to have you as such a steady customer.  However, in the future, would you mind bringing your own butter?”  He DID bring in a pound at his next visit.
    We were driving on a side street & my husband said something (not important what) & I told him, “You’re RIGHT!”  He started to pull over as if to park & I asked him why he was stopping.  He told me he had to find a piece of paper & a pen so he could write down what I said, & would I please sign & date it?
Until next Friday----fishducky