Wednesday, April 18, 2012

How to Get a Book Signing; Entertain the Crowd!

Being a homeless street musician in Hawaii taught me three things. . . . 
     Sleeping under a cold park bench in the rain--even with the one you love--well, that sucks.
    "Homeless Park," as the locals call it, is actually even more dangerous than I once thought.
    AND, last but not least, when you're starving and just need one dollar and six cents to buy a big mac (which was on sale at the moment of my demise) it's time to entertain people and pray for money.  Because if one thing seems to be true, it's that people like to be entertained.

    So, what does this have to do with my "How to Get a Book Signing Series?"  Well, the first two things serve only to intrigue you since my newest book--the story of why I ran away to Hawaii--is coming out this Saturday!  It's my shameless plug--gotta love those.  Click here to add "Bible Girl" to your to-read list: 


    The last thing, though, about entertainment, that's what will make your signing a success.  What's the point of going through all the effort to get a signing AND a turnout, if you won't make it worth everyone's time?
    I won't preach to you about what to do and not to do.  Let me just tell you about my humble experience because it made me happy--just like this shirt AND that poster B & N made (how awesome is that; it's bigger than my face and everything)!

    Whenever a kid from an assembly came to the table, I talked to them for a while.  Cade and I gave them a free CD of our music and then played them a song.  I hope it's something they'll always remember and cherish.  This was a moment for me to impact their lives.  I could give them something fun to always hold dear--something they won't easily forget.  I hope that moment will remind them that they matter.  Maybe they'll even remember my words about pursuing dreams--after all, many people said I'd never be a writer, let alone get a signing!
    I talked to a bunch of kids about the Tooth Fairy since my picture book is called "How to Lose a Tooth."  I hope those kids will get loads of money when the fairy visits them because I actually sold out of this book at the signing.

   When people talked to me about my memoir, I answered any questions they asked about Zeke--his life and his death.  I even cried with one woman who lost a daughter.  She traveled quite far just to meet me and that meant so much.   
    I wanted it to be special for every person, and you know what, it became even more special for me.  I knew if they were willing to visit my table--I wanted to entertain them and give them something worth seeing.

    I'm still amazed with how well the music aspect went.  If things got slow, we simply played a song and people surrounded the table!  It was awesome. 

    Looking at the success from Friday's signing and things I'll do again, I've decided . . .

    #1 I'll continue talking and advertising at assemblies and other speaking events.

    and . . .

    #2 Cade and I will always entertain the kind people who come to meet us.  

    If I can give you any further advice, I'd like to say, Have fun!  Being an author, finally landing that coveted signing, that's special.  Make it special for everyone else, too.  Maybe you're in this place for a reason.  This is your time to bless others!

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    Well, Melynda and I are off to talk at another school today.  It should be fun.  We have a big signing on 4/28 to prepare for.