Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Scribe and a Scheme

    If I know one thing about the Scribe--my oldest daughter--it's that she's a hoot.  She's ten and so smart.  At the beginning of this week she came home from school with three forms in her hand.  "I'm having a fundraiser," she said.
    "What?" I asked.  "You know what a fundraiser is?"
    "Yeah!  I'm raising money by having an art contest.  I'm charging fifty cents an entry and I've already made over thirty bucks.  It's amazing how fast quarters add up."
    I just gaped at her.  She has more cash than I do!  At that point my phone rang--AND KEPT RINGING--for the next few days.  "Hello," the kids calling would say.  "I need more information about the Scribe's art contest."  
    Once a mother even called.  "Your daughter stopped by my house.  Now, what is this fundraiser for?"
    "Honestly, I don't know," I said.  A few minutes after that, I turned to the Scribe.  "What IS the fundraiser for."
    "Myself," she said and walked away.
    "Oh no you don't!  Get back over here.  You can't hold a fundraiser for yourself.  What are you offering as the prize anyway?"
    "That?" she asked.  "Five bucks AND I told the kids they could be on the cover of your next book if they win."
    I was silent for a while.  Stunned really.  "Why did your teacher let you make those sign-up forms?" I groaned.
    "That's the great part.  We've had a sub!"
    Unfortunately, this didn't end well for the Scribe.  Yesterday her real teacher found out and had my entrepreneur give all of the money back.  I was happy about that consequence.
    "Mom," the Scribe said.  "Why do I always get in trouble?"
    "It's because you didn't ask about the cover first.  You have to ask about these things.  Plus, getting money for yourself from a fundraiser, well that's against school policy."
    "I'm not like anyone in this family," she said.
    I smiled, remembering something I did in fifth grade.  "Oh yes you are.  I was always hatching crazy schemes."
    "You were?"
    "Yep.  Do you want to hear a story about how I tricked the boys into letting me play baseball with them?"
   She wiped her tears and nodded.
    "All right, well one day . . ."

On a side note,
    The three talks yesterday went well.  I was pretty tired toward the end, but it was a great way to get the word out about the signings this Saturday.  Here's where I'll be:

Saturday April 28th 12 - 3pm Playing Music & Signing at the

189 State Street  
Clearfield, UT 84015
Saturday April 28th 6:30 - 9pm Playing Music & Signing at 
361 N. 300 W.
Salt Lake City, UT

For more info about my signing schedule, please go here: