Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Zombie and a Bully

    My three-year-old Zombie Elf hurtled down the tallest slide at the park.  Some kids are just made to be daring.
    A terrible moment awaited him though.  A bully--the size of Milwaukee--glared at my son.  The Zombie stepped forward, timidly, but that bully didn't care.  He pushed my son to the ground, then he grinned like an ogre.
    The Zombie, that gem of a child, got back up and went to the top of the slide again.  Ogre-boy waited at the bottom.  I wondered what my son was thinking.  Why in the world would he want to face the bully again?
    The Zombie slid, going faster and faster until he landed on his feet at the bottom of the slide.  A smile split the ogre's face like he'd met easy prey TWICE in one day.  He neared my boy and pushed him down yet again.  That's when the Zombie stood, moving closer and closer to the bully's face.  
    I worried.  Would he punch the kid?  Would he hit him so hard he'd turn into ogre soup? 
    Time slowed for everyone--EXCEPT THE BULLY'S MOTHER who seemed too busy painting her nails blood-red!  

    The two boys still faced each other.  Then, with a sound so fierce it would've scared the Kraken, the Zombie growled at the bully.
    The kid stepped back, actually terrified.  He didn't bother my boy again.  He did try to pick on Doctor Jones (my two-year-old girl), but the Zombie Elf was there in a flash and ogre-boy left her alone.
    I was so proud of my zombie.  I talked to him later.  "You didn't push him back.  I'm so proud of you," I said.
    "I didn't want to hurt him," he replied, and I smiled the rest of the way home.  That was a great way to handle the situation; I'll never forget my boy's spunk.


Parenting... you're doing it right! :)

And give that Zombie Elf an extra hug.

What an awesome kid. I've missed your blog. Been too sick to visit anyone. But! I'll rectify that and get my daily dose back <3 Thank you for sharing!

The Zombie Elf is going to go far with a personality and grit like that. I love this story.

Why am I not surprised--he's one of YOUR kids, isn't he??

haha what a great way to stop him. Gave the bully his due. Although I admit for a second there I thought The Zombie Elf might pull down his pants and pee on the bully..LOL

ah. I just love your kids. They are so young and wise! :) and amazing, just like their mother :)

You handled that much better than I would.

Scene: a few years ago at the park.

(me, getting in the face of another dad who's kid was being a mean little #%^* to mine)

"I can't hit your kid, but if you don't control him I might consider hitting you."

Probably not my shining moment regarding turning the other cheek. :)

Good for you for holding back and letting him settle it on his terms.

That is just spectacular!! Kudos to Zombie Elf!!!! :):):)

He sounds like a great kid. I think a lot of three-year-olds wouldn't have so much empathy - or nerve!

I think Fishducky had something in her comment. I am so proud of your little boy.

Will power - a good thing to have.

F*#*$&)( Bully! I had my fair share. Didn't handle it very well, but they backed off.

Dear Zombie Elf, . . . Congratulations on learning how to handle bullies. I bet your youngest sister--Doctor Jones--really thinks you're wonderful. You stood up for her! You are one fine three-year-old--well nearly four now!


That is one smart Zombie Elf! Would have been great to have gotten that on tape :)

"I didn't want to hurt him..." LOL! Kid is smart. And confident. Good qualities...

What a brave boy! And smart too - "I didn't want to hurt him." Now THAT'S how you stand up to bullies! Doctor Jones is lucky to have a big brother to protect her like that. And no wonder some kids turn into bullies with a disrespect for adults - their parents don't give a damn and are too busy caring about themselves and looking the other way. Oy!

Way to go!!!!! He is one smart cookie. I was bullied a lot as a little girl because ....well, I was easy prey I think....I usually had a friend who would jump in and take up for me! :) Lucky for his little sister, she had him!

Nice of your kid to not rough up those bullies.

Hehehe, that's so cute! What a great little man he's becoming...even if he does like getting naked randomly ;)

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