Monday, May 7, 2012

Because it's magical like a *&%$!

    We're on vacation in Wyoming.  I love it here, seriously.  We drove all day yesterday and once when we stopped at a gas station, I got out and breathed the beautiful air.  Almost everyone there wore boots--which was epic.  Pure, rich dirt covered the mountains.  Cattle ate the yellowed grass in a nearby field.  People waved at me like we were friends!
    Anyway, it felt so good being out of the city, as I paid for my coffee, I smiled at the cashier and said, "Wyoming . . . it's like a good orgasm because some things are just magical."
    YOU should have seen her face.  She was the only person who didn't fit the Wyoming I'm used to.  She had piercings and short hair.  She stared at me and then burst with laughter.  "You know, you're right.  I've never heard it put quite like that, by someone who looks . . . so proper.  You're right though, even if you did just shock the hell outta me."
    I nodded, then smirked skipping from the gas station.  Okay, maybe I didn't really skip--on the outside.  But I did on the inside because that's what I live for: Wyoming AND the shock factor.  You know what, they're both like good orgasms!

    Well, I'll still be blogging this week, since I'm addicted so bad I'm not even scared to admit it.

    In closing, I have a question for you . . .

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