Friday, December 23, 2011

What do you think about the Virgin Mary?

    Do you know Melynda from Crazy world?  If you don't, then you should visit her.  She's one of my favorite people--ever.  Here's her site: Crazy world
    Anyway, we had a "silly" disagreement and thought it might be fun to make a vlog out of it.  Here goes, oh and if you'd just like to read the conversation instead, that's below the video.

    Elisa:  We're here to talk about the Virgin Mary.

  Melynda:  Indeed.  We have some disagreements.

    Elisa:  That's right.  I think she was ugly.

  Melynda:  And I think she was probably semi-attractive, which was what kept Joseph around.

    Elisa:  Just 'semi,' huh?

  Melynda:  Well . . .

    Elisa:  Just 'semi.'  Noted.

  Melynda:  It's not like she could put some mascara on.

    Elisa:   Exactly, because she needed some.  
    Dude, she had the heart of a saint!  Would God make her beautiful, too?  That seems awfully unfair.

  Melynda:  Maybe she was beautiful on the inside and out.

    Elisa: Ya, I don't know.  I got nothin', but that's still what I think.

  Melynda:  So that's her opinion on that one.  The other thing we have a disagreement on is whether or not Mary suffered through childbirth.

    Elisa: I don't think she did.

  Melynda:  And I think she suffered.

    Elisa:  But God wouldn't go ahead and strike her down with ugliness AND pain during childbirth.

   Then Melynda pulled a face that I LOVE because it always gives me the giggles.

  Melynda:  I've been trying to explain to Elisa that life isn't fair.  And if God wanted things to be fair, He would have spared a lot of people some ugliness.

    Elisa:  Too bad the Virgin Mary wasn't one of them.

  Melynda:  So, I think she was attractive and she suffered during childbirth since that's a normal process.

    Elisa:  You don't think, that if God could come down and "gift" her a child for Christmas, that He wouldn't spare her some pain.  That's the least He could do.
     (P. S. I know Jesus made Christmas; it's called me being silly.)

  Melynda:  No, I think he let her be in pain.

    Elisa: Let her?

  Melynda:  Let's say she was the "virgin" Mary, and her -----(cherry) wasn't broken.  That means she not only went through childbirth, but she lost her virginity all in one night.  Which means that any kid who comes after that is a piece of cake.

    Elisa:  Dude, that's crazy.  I'm so glad that didn't happen to me.  Yeah, not a good thing.  
    So, we just wanted to ask you: do you think the Virgin Mary was pretty; do you think she went through pain in childbirth, or do you think she had it all?
    Merry Christmas.

  Melynda:  Merry Christmas.
    Ride your asses to Bethlehem.