Saturday, December 24, 2011

If it's cold, be naughty . . .

    Remember how my laptop and washer broke? Then, to top that madness off, our van's window stopped rolling up yesterday--too bad it was about 20 degrees at the time. Well, last week I shipped off the Ipad2 from my book launch, and I have to admit it felt surreal.
    The funny thing about it is that I have a dinosaur phone. I got my first laptop this year. We just don't buy a lot. Anyway, I didn't want to tell anyone, especially my father, that everything's falling apart.
    "So," he said, "how's your laptop working out for ya?"
    "Ummm . . . it's hanging in there."   That was a lie, though; Santa wouldn't be pleased.  My laptop won't even turn on!
    So, time went on and just after I'd shipped the iPad2, my family had a Christmas party. I couldn't believe it when my dad gave me, as well as my brother and sister's families, each an iPad2.
    I started crying when I turned to Cade. "I didn't know what we'd do without a laptop. I thought I'd have to quit my blog."  Because for me, that would be the end of the world.
    "And now you won't have to quit anything." Cade smiled so big; I saw his molars.
    After that, I went up to my parents and told them thank you.
    The Hippie walked over to me later. "You must have been awfully good to get something like that."
    "And the great thing is," I whispered, "it's for all of us."
     Her eyes lit up, but she'd obviously been thinking about something else because she changed the subject. "Mama, did you know, not everyone wants to be good for Christmas?" 
    "And why's that?"
    "Aren't some places of the world really cold--like Russia?" she asked.
    "They must be really bad over there where it's cold. I keep thinking, if I lived in Russia, I'd do almost anything to get some coal." 
    So, remember this: If it's cold, it's okay to be naughty.  
    Now winter terrifies me! 

    On a side note, someone hired Cade and me to perform at a party on the 26th.  We've been practicing like crazy.  Anyway, we decided to make a vlog of our version of Pachelbel's Canon; we'll post that on Christmas.  I'm so excited to see what you'll of it.
    Here's some of our other music if you haven't heard it before:

5th Side

    Have a wonderful Christmas Eve!