Friday, December 16, 2011

A Dog Got into the Trash

    First off, if you read my post yesterday (Why can't I get into the holiday spirit?), you already know that I put some garbage on my porch to make Miss Priss angry.  Well, shortly after writing that story, a dog got into the trash.
    We still haven't found the criminal mastermind, but we do have some suspects.  Just judging them on looks, which one of these dogs do you think did it?

1 Rolly
Definitely a lover of junk food.  I wouldn't put a crime like this past him.

2 Blondie
Sometimes it's the innocent ones you have to look out for!

3 Ewok
The name says it all.  Plus, look how spry this dog is.

4 Paris
I know I shouldn't be so partial, but if they were in a lineup, this dog would go free. 

    Seriously, who do you think is guilty?!  I'm voting for number three.  You can't trust anyone who can jump that high.

    As Cade helped clean up the terrible mess, he looked into my eyes and laughed, "God done this to ya."
    "How so?" I asked.  
    "Well, it's just fate.  The funniest things happen to you.  Seriously, you finally get the balls to stand up for yourself and a dog gets into the trash.  I know you don't think it's funny, but it kind of is."
    As Cade talked, Miss Priss ran past, smiled AND WAVED.  
    Oh, she makes me angry!
    One of these days, I swear we're going to have a girl fight.  I don't care if it's at the post office or the grocery store.  We might even arrange it, with judges and everything.

    Anyway, I had a much cooler story to tell you about the Scribe and an ugly Christmas sweater, but that will have to wait until tomorrow.  Today, I need to know which dog you think is guilty.