Monday, December 5, 2011

Helen Keller is Following Me on Twitter

    Yep, the title says it all.  I don't want to sit here and make a bunch of silly jokes.  I just had to tell you, that when I found out Santa Claus and Helen Keller were both following me on twitter, I was pretty ecstatic.  Christmas came early.  (Cade should be thrilled that he doesn't have to buy me a thing!)


    If you aren't familiar with twitter, it's this great place where you can find people (even famous movie stars AND politicians--ANYONE), and follow them.  Loads of people make up fictitious names just to gain followers, but if you watch closely, you can tell when someone's a counterfeit.  The great thing about Helen, was that I knew she was a fake right off the bat!  "Why?" you ask.  Well, it's because vampires aren't real.
    So anyway, these people don't have to follow you back, although you can still see their (few sentence) updates whether funny or serious.
    Whenever someone follows me, I follow them back.  It just seems like the right thing to do.  I believe in fairness, and I hate taking things from people.  If I borrow an egg from a neighbor, I practically want to buy them a chicken.  If someone gives me a ride to the store, I want to fill up their tank--you get the point.
    On twitter, I followed everyone who followed me first . . . Except for porn*lover.  I didn't follow him back.  I had a hard moment that day.  He'd followed me, the nice thing was to follow him back.  But the problem is, I'm not into porn--not at all--if he was, whatever (as long as he isn't a pastor).  Seriously, though, why make a twitter name about it?  If he could pick ONE name to describe himself online, why that?  Is porn his driving force?  After all, I picked the name ECWrites because it fits me.  Plus, if I die (while using that twitter name) I'll have an easy time explaining it to God.
    Poor, porn*lover on the other hand.  I can picture Judgement Day for that schmuck.  The angel of death would leaf through the Book of Life.  "Oh, Sir, it says here you named yourself porn*lover on twitter.  Of the millions of names you might have picked . . . interesting.  What would your mother think? Oh wait, she's right here, let's ask her!"   That would SUCK!

Back to the point . . .   
    Now that you have the basics down, you'll understand why I followed Santa Baby and Helen Keller Kelly back.  Too bad though!  I checked my profile today and Helen Keller is no longer following me.
    Some of these tweeters bother me.  They follow you, in the hopes that you'll follow back--so they can just unfollow you (did you catch that). Then, they'll have more followers than Zeus!  I checked Kelly's profile.  She has a few hundred followers and she's currently following 2 people back!  Would this bother you?  It bothers me.  Not only is this woman pretending to be Helen (even in her posts), she's trying to give her a bad name!  Helen might be rolling in her grave because some jerk doesn't follow back.  I've reseached the Kell-ster.  She would have followed back--honestly, that's a fact.

Do you believe in being fair?  
I sure do.  If someone helps you; it's right to try and help them back when the time comes.  But in the same sense, if someone unfollows you, it's right to unfollow them back.  Equality baby, I love it.

What would you have done?  Are you on twitter?

Signing off (with my twitter name)