Wednesday, December 28, 2011

They almost killed the babysitter! Part I

    We got a babysitter last week, and the darling girl said it would be fine if we went out for a few hours.  But I worried because although my four kids are awesome, they can be pretty wild at times.
    We'd only been gone a short while when I decided to call the babysitter on her cell to make sure everything was okay.  From the tone of her voice, I should have known what she faced!


    "Is this Jess?" I asked.
    "Of course," she said in a strange voice--as if she'd been drinking.  
    "Ummm . . . I know we've only been gone an hour, but I wanted to make sure that everything's okay.  Are you all right?"
    The girl giggled.  "I'm absolutely fabulous.  These kids are great!  Especially that Scribe.  She's so helpful; I've hardly had to do a thing."
    "Are you sure you're okay?  We have to turn off our phones for the movie and . . . "
    "Of course!  Go for it.  Have a blast.  How hard can it be taking care of four beautiful kids, especially when the oldest one does all the work for me?!"
    So, that was awfully strange.  I hung up the phone and turned to Cade.  "Maybe we should go back.  She was acting weird."
    "Oh, you're just reading into things.  Plus, the movie's about to start."
    I listened to my husband then, even if my mommy sensor pulsed as if on fire.  It wasn't until we got home that I really worried.
    We walked through the door and the babysitter grabbed my arm.  "The night's been terrible--TERRIBLE!  How do you watch these kids day in and day out!  I couldn't get a hold of you and then your boy got naked and tried peeing on the Christmas tree!  I'm leaving."
    She ran from the door and I yelled after her.  "But when I called you, you said everything was all right."
    "No I didn't," she said.  "You never called!"
    After she sprinted from sight, I sneaked down stairs and heard the Scribe telling ghost stories to her siblings.  That's when I knew what had happened!
    "She's in deep trouble," I told Cade.
    "Oh, yes, she is."