Friday, October 14, 2011

You know you're a writer when . . .

You know you're a writer when . . .
   You name your kids something that would sound great on the cover of a book.

   You close your eyes and see yourself typing words before you speak them.

    You find yourself laughing out loud at things you write.

    One of your ancestors had a tragic end and you think it would make a great book.

    Your child goes to the principal's office, and you can't wait to blog about it.

    Better yet, one of your children does something wrong and immediately you know the main plot and all of the subplots that linked them to the crime.

    Everyone's SUPER nice to you, for fear of going on your blog.

    Your dreams get so complicated with twists and turns, you even surprise yourself!

    You cried when you wrote the last line of your book.


    Anyway, I'm still in Vegas and I don't have much time, so can you help me out?  Would you add to this list for me?