Monday, October 17, 2011

A Dare and a Scare

    My brother pranked me.
    Don't believe me?  Fine . . . click here: Udder Prank Failure

    So, something needed to be done.  A few ideas came and went.  Cade thought of hilarious things, but they were far too risky or absurd.
    Finally, while we shopped for Halloween outfits with the kids, Cade picked out a scary outfit and started giggling like a high-voiced banshee.
    "I know how we can get Shane," he said.  "I'll wear THIS black outfit, hold a pie and then knock on his door!"
    I had to agree; the concept was epic.
    I smiled from the first real excitement I'd felt in HOURS.  "Yes," I said in a cruel voice.  "Let it be done!"
    We drove over to my brother's house and prepared to accomplish the crime of a century. 
    If you want to read my brother's side of the story, please visit his blog post: 
 Sometimes Pranks are Good  
(Soooo hilarious!)

    Anyway, here's the video if you don't believe me.
    Oh and that second half is because we decided to go back for more--just watch it and you'll know what I'm talking about.  (Cade wanted to hit my brother with the pie.)

    Here's the dialogue in case it's hard to hear:

Cade:  This pie thing isn't going to work so well.

Elisa:  Just hurry.

Cade:  What about the pie?

Elisa:  Just leave it there on the railing.  Hit the doorbell!

Cade knocks ominously and I hide in the bushes. 

My brother tries opening the door, but Cade holds it shut and knocks again.

Cade finally lets him open the door, although it looks like my brother was struggling with the lock.

Cade screams and my brother jumps out, screaming back at him because by that time he knew it was us.

Section #2  BACK FOR MORE (maybe to throw the pie this time) second 1:26

Elisa:  We're at my brother's house again.  All right, Cade.
    Cade has a pie and I'm in the bushes.

Cade knocks.

Elisa:  I can hear them in there . . . There's Shane.

Cade:  Ta da!  

Cade *presenting the pie*

Section #3 second 2:07

Shane:  Now, start with the left leg.

Then Shane and Cade do the Can Can and I CAN NOT stop laughing--even now!

     Like I wrote above, if you want to read my brother's side of the story, please visit his blog: