Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Panda and a Mystery Fart

    I asked my kids to tell me a story today. It turned out crazy!


    "Once upon a time there was a panda bear. He went into the forest and started running faster and faster," The Scribe said.
    "He was very lonely and wanted to look for friends," The Hippie said.
    "He had so much to offer, though. He was cute; he would love any BFF and he liked to eat cupcakes and rainbows."
    "Ewe!" The Zombie Elf said, "that's yucky. Not rainbows."
    "While he was running, he ran into a wise old man," The Scribe continued.  "He had white hair and was caring something special deep inside himself."
     "Yeah," The Zombie Elf interjected, "A fart."
    "It wasn't a fart," The Hippie said, "it was something great like wisdom."
    "No it wasn't!" The Zombie stood from his seat and balled his fists.
    "Yes . . ." The Hippie's voice turned low. "IT WAS."
    If there's anything The Zombie Elf should know, it's that NO SANE PERSON messes with a hippie.
    The Hippie's eyes turned to flames.  Her mouth pulled with mischief. "Fine, Zombie. Maybe it was a fart. The wisest fart known to man!"
    "A wise fart?" The Scribe wrinkled her nose. 
    "Yeah," The Hippie said, "I have 'em all the time, since I'm filled with awesomeness."
    "Wait . . . that was you?" The Scribe asked as if understanding the universe.
    That's where the story ended and although it didn't really have a plot or any climactic moments, I'll never forget it because now I know where those strange smells have been coming from . . . it was The (wise) Hippie all along.

    Well, I'm just getting ready to leave for Vegas.  I can't wait!