Saturday, October 22, 2011

Is Mormonism a Cult?

    No one believes exactly the same thing about what happens after we die.  Even if they're the same religion, everyone has different beliefs and opinions.  I have to say, I find the notion romantic.  No matter what, everyone has their own spin on things.
    But living in Utah, my opinions don't seem to matter.  All I hear is how I should be Mormon (or LDS as many people say).  No matter how much I politely ask them to leave me alone, they won't. 

    Before I go on, let me mention, this isn't a post to discount Mormonism or prove it right; I just want to give you my side of the story as a non-Mormon living in Utah.

     To start off, here's a quote from Rutherford Birchard Hayes.  (I got this from an irate LDS woman who I don't even know; she sent me several e-mails yesterday after reading my post.)

    The woman who sent me that quote said she didn't appreciate my post yesterday.  Here's that link if you're curious:   
   She also said (and I'm paraphrasing here), I made it sound like all elderly LDS women like soft porn.
    Wow!  That's not what I was going for AT ALL.
    Over the next couple of e-mails, she proceeded to try converting me.  She sent that quote, saying, "People use this to help sway others from converting to the LDS church, when really it proves us correct.  We've been persecuted far more than other religions; we're even persecuted in our own state."
    More than other religions, huh--that's a bit of a stretch.  Also, who said this is their state?
    Really?  She's seriously persecuted?  Then why is it, that I've been terrified to write a post like this?  Terrified--literally! Why is it that I lost my best friend in grade school when her mom found out I wasn't Mormon.  I got stood up to a high school dance because kids threatened me AND my date after finding out he was Mormon and I was not.
    Once, I had a teacher call me a Born Again CRICKET!  The list goes on . . .
    But the one that's killing me, the one thing I will NOT tolerate happened to the Scribe (my daughter).
    My oldest daughter stopped wearing a cross to school because kids wouldn't play with her and instead asked why she had "dead Jesus" on her necklace.
    What are certain--extremest--parents teaching their children?     
    Most Mormons are good people, most folks in general are decent, but THESE actions are uncalled for.  And that is what this post is to address.
    Utah is great if you're Mormon, but most LDS people here don't know what a struggle it is for the rest of us who aren't a part of their church.  And now they think they're oppressed even here? 
    But I'm letting my womanly pain out too soon.  Let's get down to the facts.     

   First of all, what is a cult?
   A dictionary will tell you that a "cult" is a group of people who are regarded by others as strange.  That particular group must have a devotion to a certain object or person.

    In a loose sense of the term, there are many cults out there.

    But, I'm getting away from myself.  I'm writing this because I'm sick of religious persecution.  I got that string of e-mails yesterday, and then to top it off, I saw this picture on facebook for THE MILLIONTH time.  One of my old friends from Jr. High posted it:

    Despite the fact that this is OBVIOUSLY photo shopped (check out the fuzzy lines right next to the words--the same lines that aren't fuzzy in other places), why do people need to post this?
    Want me to point some things out?
    Here you go:
    My opinion?  Well, it's time to get spicy:
    This sign is written BY IDIOTS, for idiots.  How does it feel putting others down to build yourself up?  Dozens of people had "liked" the picture my friend posted.  Well, I took my kids to a Baptist church on Sunday and I'm not laughing.  On top of this--it's been photo shopped--bearing false witness?  I hope that'll work out well when you're trying to get into Heaven.

    For everyone who "liked" and "shared" that picture, think about this:   
    Taken from the Salt Lake Tribune: LDS Church officials declined interviews. But they issued a statement in response to questions submitted by The Tribune: "The church has always extended a hand of friendship and fellowship to those of other faiths, and will continue to do so."
    I suggest you take this into account next time you want to "fix" a photo.   

    So, do I think Mormonism is a cult?
    Yes, by definition.

    Do I want to hear why you might think I'm wrong.  Not really.  I've heard it my whole life.

    In closing, will I ever be Mormon?

    I just want to be treated cordially like anyone else.  Enough said.