Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My Brother Was On the News; Real Steel Robots!

    I just had to share this.  My brother is the handsome operator with the blue hat on.  This video has already been viewed over 260,000 times!  
    Check out the awesome robot--this makes me want to watch "Real Steel."

    I know you've seen the silly blog war with my brother.  Here's one of those blogs:

Manly Man, Leg Crosser or Intellectual

     But on a serious note, I had to show you what an amazing engineer he is.  He's actually done a lot of work on the robot shown in the video.
    Isn't that cool how "Real Steel" robots and possibly Iron Man-like suits might be real someday!
    Have you seen "Real Steel" yet?  

    If you'd like to visit my brother's blog, here's the link:

Middle Damned