Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Whale Watching!

    We went whale watching yesterday.  I've always wanted to go, but we've never had enough money until now.  It was absolutely amazing, and I smiled the whole time.  
    I even made Dr. Jones a dress to wear on the boat.  This is one of my favorite pictures from the trip:

 It might be hard to see, but I appliqued an anchor on one pant-leg and a boat on the other.

   Also, we received some great news last night.  Remember how I'm signing at the Orange County Children's Book Festival?  Well, they're letting Cade and me play music there!
Here's some of our music:

    We'll be performing and signing near the main entrance to the Festival, on the way to the Storyteller Stage!!! Such a great location.

    Well, I hope all of you are having a great day.  We're just getting ready to meet Fishducky.  I'll tell you all about that tomorrow ;)