Thursday, September 20, 2012

Want to get published?

    Ever wished to be like Sleeping Beauty so you could take a nap--for once?  Isn't it annoying how the fairytale princes always get the girl, or how the three little pigs always beat the wolf?

    Well, that's about to change. . . .
    Wayman Publishing is releasing Open Doors 2--an anthology where authors write their own hilarious, unique, or even tragic versions of fairy tales and nursery rhymes.  
    Submissions are FREE. This could be a great publication credit if your work is accepted. 

    If you have what it takes, send your 2,000 word or less story to before October 31st, 2012 and you could be published. 
    If your story is accepted, an editor will email you by November 5th, 2012.

    For questions and more info about that, please go HERE

Now onto the post of the day.  
Top Ten WORST Reasons to try getting published:

#1 My wife is pregnant and I'd like to work from home.
Contrary to popular belief, unless you're J.K. Rowling, writing does not pay much.  If you stay on this path of destruction, you may end up with an unhappy wife, a baby, a bunch of Top Ramen and food stamps.  Best of wishes.

#2 Family Pressure: My Dad is a writer so I should be, too.
False! While this may sound great, you need to do what you love.  Why waste your life living it for someone else, honestly?

#3 It'll help me make friends with celebrities.
Writing isn't the key to friendship or romance--unless it's Harlequin.  And what's the famous part here for?  After authoring books, most people become eccentric (myself included).  Every author I know has on occasion cried or laughed hysterically at their own writing.  They talk as if their characters are real.  I doubt I could have made many friends after becoming a writer.  Get life-long regular friends first--then write.

#4 I want revenge--and I like nonfiction.
While this might sound exciting, it's not.  
    I write nonfiction.  I never thought people would read my work, but they have.  There's nothing worse than a real, live villain leaving you a terrible review on Amazon because they don't like what you've written about them.  Pen name or not, this leads to disaster!

#5 I want to be a billionaire/recluse!
Then writing is not a great idea.  Just to break even I have to talk at assemblies and signings.  I LOVE this, but never realized how much it's a part of writing today.  In fact, *smiling,* I'm going to Southern California for my writing next week--yahoo!  More details HERE

#6 Everything I write comes out perfect the first time, a gift from God that's meant to be.
Edit, edit, edit.  All writing can be polished, trust me.  I'll do nearly anything to make my work the best it can be.  It just makes sense.

#7 For the Children
Once again, this needs to be for you.  Writing can be a tough, thankless business.  If you don't love it, what will keep you going through negative feedback and endless revisions?  If you want to do something for the children, adopt.

#8 Because I like eating out at McDonald's.
I seriously read this somewhere.  The person said they liked writing because it was a good excuse to eat out and write on their laptop.  Is McD's really that good?

#9 I like to lie, so I'll be great at fiction.
Seek help!

#10 I want to be a writer because my butt is sagging?
Now who in the world wrote this?  And who would be vain enough to worry about their butt anyway?  I wonder.  My advice to this . . .  ahem person.  Get over it!  *giggling*

Five Best Reasons to Write?

#1 You LOVE writing.

#2 It helps you become a better person.

#3 You want to help others.

#4 You're willing to do what it takes (editing, promoting, etc.)

#5 ?????

What do you think, what's number five?  Do you have anything to add to this or the completely silly list above?

P.S. I can't wait for the next Wayman Anthology.  I think it'll be amazing!