Saturday, September 1, 2012

Four Featured Books--I'm so excited!

An introduction to some of the many books that will be FREE tomorrow!

Let me tell you about . . .

More Nonsense . . . If you like laughing, you NEED to read this book. The stories are absolutely hysterical, and this is one novel I've loved reading over and over again. 

Middle Damned
An action-packed book that I couldn't put down. Not only did this draw me in with the steampunk afterlife ideas, I felt so part of the characters' journeys and relationships as if living in the strange world Stilson so skillfully created. The sections with the two brothers were perfectly written, interweaving conflict and bonds transcending even death. This is a book I'll never forget. 

The Swashbuckle Chuckle 
With a storyline so perfect the Zombie Elf (my four-year-old) has started wearing a pirate hat and a fake hook.  Now he calls himself "Captain Buckle Chuckle."
    Did this author have any idea how much his writing would change children's lives?  It's two of my kids' favorite book!

If you read Twelve Habits of Highly Successful Cats and Their Humans, I know you'll love it.  It's a special book that will impact the reader and help nudge them along the right path, the path of love and happiness.
    I've also found it a great devotional, to help me through the hard times.

These books AND many others will be free through Wayman Publishing 
tomorrow - September 4th.  
*** Please come back then. ***
    And for more info about that book fair, and a chance to win $200, go HERE


  1. Good luck to you and everyone else participating in the blogfest. Here's hoping we raise a lot of $$ and awareness for the cause.

  2. Free books & a great cause--how can the blogfest lose???

  3. Good community (internet)service. Much luck to you. You certainly have many irons in the fire.~Mary

  4. I'm excited about all the people who have entered! I encourage them to come back for free books and to make a purchase that will benefit research into the "silent killer" -- diabetes.


  5. Dear Elisa, thank you for your kind words about Dulcy's second book--"Twelve Habits." I so hope the blog fest is a rip-roaring success! Peace.

  6. I SO wish I could take part in this but alas, I have no e-reader or iPad. As soon as I win the lottery that I don't play, I'm gonna go out and buy an iPad2. Or get a permanent job that gives me stable finances. Whichever comes first ;) I wish they weren't that expensive since my birthday is right around the corner. I may be turning 26 but my family often asks for a list of some kind anyways :)