Friday, September 21, 2012

I'm going to California!

    I'm getting sooo excited because tomorrow we're driving to California.  On Tuesday I'm meeting the famous Fishducky!  And on Sunday September 30th, I'm signing at the Orange County Children's Book Festival; some bloggers might even come see me.

    I can't wait to meet Fishducky.  But the obvious question is 'will she like me?'
    "We're looking forward to it," she said.  
    "But, Fishducky, you haven't met me in person--you don't even know if you like me yet."
    "Oh that's right," she said.
    I nearly bit my nails as we talked.  She's epic, AMAZING, how can I possibly make myself duck-worthy?  Then I thought about it and sighed with relief because I'm great at job interviews.  Hell, I got a job as a mechanic even when I had no experience!  Sometimes acting confident is enough.
    "It'll be like a job interview," I blurted.  "Will you have me fill out a friendship questionnaire or something?  How will I know if you liked me?"  And my four wild children.
    "That's not a bad idea!  And you'll know if I like you . . . at the very end."
    So, Fishducky sent me a questionnaire.  I did my best, but the official friend interview will take place on Tuesday.
    Cross your fingers for me!
    But I do have a few tricks up my sleeves.  Cade and I are bringing our instruments.  I might have candy and tell the kids they can have it only if they're darling during the interview.  Oh and I made Dr. Jones a new dress so at least that'll help make a good impression.
    Also, I'll make sure we all smell nice.  


Any other suggestions?