Thursday, September 27, 2012

Guest Post: Five of the Most Embarrassing Toddler Situations

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Five of the Most Embarrassing Toddler Situations

If you're a new parent, you're probably already bracing yourself for the funny and embarrassing things your child will do. Before your child learns how to behave well, she will probably get into some amusing situations. This list takes a look at some of the scenarios you can expect and what to do when they happen.

1. Not Sharing – Most toddlers don't initially understand the concept of sharing. If your toddler is similar to most children, she will consider a toy hers as soon as she touches it. If another child dares to even look at your child's toy, a small tantrum may erupt from either child. This situation is usually unavoidable until your child gets older. You can, however, attempt to distract the unhappy child with another toy.

2. Making a Scene – Even the most prepared parents must sometimes deal with an unhappy child in a public place. For example, your child might spot an item he wants at the grocery store. If you don't grant his request, he may start to cry and scream. If your child can't calm down, take him outside for a few minutes of fresh air. You can resume your shopping later.

3. Household Damage – Toddlers are very good at doing exactly what you wish they wouldn't. For example, a wandering child may use her crayons to draw on your living room wall. You can prevent these mishaps by monitoring the items in your child's reach. However, since it's not always possible to watch your child, invest in a number of quality cleaners to clean up these accidents.

4. A Sad Parting – Some toddlers do not react well when a parent leaves them at daycare or with a babysitter. Your child may begin to wail and throw a tantrum if you try to leave her. This situation may make you feel embarrassed, especially if there are other parents around. However, tantrums of this nature happen all the time. The best thing you can do is to comfort your child and reassure her that you will return later.

5. Repeating Words – Even the youngest toddlers can pick up on your words and repeat them later at the worst possible time. For example, your toddler may have heard you swear when you dropped a heavy item on your foot. Days later, your child may repeat that word when you're at the library together. To avoid this embarrassing situation, you must always remember that your child is similar to a parrot. Take care with what words you say in front of your child.

Raising children is an exciting journey with few dull moments. When embarrassing situations happen with your children, just remember that these experiences happen to every parent. The best you can do is to laugh about it later.

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