Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I Passed the Test!

We drove up to a lush yard with steps stretching toward a darling home.  Fishducky sat on the top step and I recognized her immediately.
    "Cade!  That's her," I squealed.  And before he even completely stopped the truck, I jumped out, ran up the steps and hugged her.  
    The rest of the day was amazing.  We visited like we'd known each other forever.  Fishducky even gave the Hippie and Scribe a drawing lesson! 
    We ate at a genuine Jewish deli--with valet parking!  After eating a matzo ball the size of Milwaukee, we went outside and I saw someone getting their shoes shined!  The man sat in a display window and everything--how epic is that?


    So today I feel fancy.  I visited the famous Fishducky, met a valet, saw an actual shoe shining and even played music for Fishducky and Bud.  We had such a blast.  
    Thanks for your kindness, Fishducky, and for being so sweet to my family.