Friday, December 23, 2011

What do you think about the Virgin Mary?

    Do you know Melynda from Crazy world?  If you don't, then you should visit her.  She's one of my favorite people--ever.  Here's her site: Crazy world
    Anyway, we had a "silly" disagreement and thought it might be fun to make a vlog out of it.  Here goes, oh and if you'd just like to read the conversation instead, that's below the video.

    Elisa:  We're here to talk about the Virgin Mary.

  Melynda:  Indeed.  We have some disagreements.

    Elisa:  That's right.  I think she was ugly.

  Melynda:  And I think she was probably semi-attractive, which was what kept Joseph around.

    Elisa:  Just 'semi,' huh?

  Melynda:  Well . . .

    Elisa:  Just 'semi.'  Noted.

  Melynda:  It's not like she could put some mascara on.

    Elisa:   Exactly, because she needed some.  
    Dude, she had the heart of a saint!  Would God make her beautiful, too?  That seems awfully unfair.

  Melynda:  Maybe she was beautiful on the inside and out.

    Elisa: Ya, I don't know.  I got nothin', but that's still what I think.

  Melynda:  So that's her opinion on that one.  The other thing we have a disagreement on is whether or not Mary suffered through childbirth.

    Elisa: I don't think she did.

  Melynda:  And I think she suffered.

    Elisa:  But God wouldn't go ahead and strike her down with ugliness AND pain during childbirth.

   Then Melynda pulled a face that I LOVE because it always gives me the giggles.

  Melynda:  I've been trying to explain to Elisa that life isn't fair.  And if God wanted things to be fair, He would have spared a lot of people some ugliness.

    Elisa:  Too bad the Virgin Mary wasn't one of them.

  Melynda:  So, I think she was attractive and she suffered during childbirth since that's a normal process.

    Elisa:  You don't think, that if God could come down and "gift" her a child for Christmas, that He wouldn't spare her some pain.  That's the least He could do.
     (P. S. I know Jesus made Christmas; it's called me being silly.)

  Melynda:  No, I think he let her be in pain.

    Elisa: Let her?

  Melynda:  Let's say she was the "virgin" Mary, and her -----(cherry) wasn't broken.  That means she not only went through childbirth, but she lost her virginity all in one night.  Which means that any kid who comes after that is a piece of cake.

    Elisa:  Dude, that's crazy.  I'm so glad that didn't happen to me.  Yeah, not a good thing.  
    So, we just wanted to ask you: do you think the Virgin Mary was pretty; do you think she went through pain in childbirth, or do you think she had it all?
    Merry Christmas.

  Melynda:  Merry Christmas.
    Ride your asses to Bethlehem.


  1. you know...i don't think i've ever considered if she was good lookin or not. i think might even be the first time i've come across anyone discussing it. i would think (hope) the least the big guy upstairs would do is give Mary some looks! :)

  2. I never thought about it before, but maybe she was quite ugly because people were so shocked that she was pregnant and not married, you know? ;)

    I doubt she was still a virgin by the time she went into labor...and if she was, well...maybe after that long journey and all the donkey riding...I'm just saying.

    I know. I know. I shouldn't be joking about her...but you started it! LOL! ;)

  3. guys are ridiculous. I actually watched the video with my laptop next to the big picture of Mary in my kitchen. From the picture I have, she's very pretty, but if anyone had at least the "pregnancy glow", it had to be her right? If being pregnant with the Son of God doesn't make you glow..there's less hope for me, next time, than I I wish you guys lived closer so I could join in the ridiculous video conversations...:) Yo two better have the merriest Christmas ever!!

  4. That's it! I'm moving to Utah! You two are TOO FUNNY!
    It's great to finally put voices with the blog posts.
    Merry christmas, Elisa.

  5. Now there is a conversation not even my crazy rhyming behind thought off. My vote is she must have been pretty ugly, especailly have she popped a vein from all the pain..haha

  6. hahaha what a crazy argument!! I agree that Mary was probably semi attractive and that she did have pain while going through childbirth. I mean, she was in a manger!! It couldn't have been comfortable.

  7. Interesting argument. On the attractive front I'd say it's hard to tell. Standards for attraction were different two milenia ago. By our standards she probably wasn't a swimsuit model, though.

    Pain wise is easier. This is pretty much the start of the new testament. However, since it's right at the beginning my assumption is that god was still big on the wrathful smiting I'd say painful, probably very painful. :)

  8. Hmm, I think she was atrociously ugly and suffered tremendously during childbirth:0! I also think Joseph must have been a total dog, and that Ass may have been the most attractive thing in the group! But beauty is on the inside, isn't it;)

  9. ROFL! I think that Mary was probably pretty average. I always pictured her as fairly plain, but with a visit from What Not To Wear, she could probably turn some heads.

    As for childbirth, I don't think she suffered at all. The Catholic idea is that childbirth pains are a lingering punishment for the Original Sin which Jesus actually redeemed His mother from completely and will redeem us from when He comes again. Hence why she entered Heaven as body and soul, just as the rest of us will do later.

    Definitely some neat things to think on though!

  10. Wow. Ease up on the eggnog you two!! LMAO!! Never stopped to consider these things. Although, logic would depict that Mary was black and so wasn't Jesus if they lived in Bethlehem, right?

  11. First question: Do you know Melynda? No. Was the Virgin Mary pretty? Yeah, except for the unibrow. The salons were closed and nobody was waxing that night. Pain during childbirth? Of course. She was human. God couldn't say that women would suffer pain during childbirth and then make Mary exempt. I bet she yelled so loud she woke up the animals AND Joseph, who really wanted a nap, but why should a man get to take a nap when a woman is in pain? In fact, my stomach is a little upset today and I'm kinda out of it, so ALL MEN: Wake Up and Pull Your Heads Out!

    Lola, who thinks you two look so darn cute together it's almost more than I can stand -- just like having a baby the way poor Mary did. Oh, but I thought of something else. I don't think Mary popped her cherry (to put it oh so delicately) when she had Jesus. God would somehow keep that part from happening so she could remain the VIRGIN Mary until she knew Joseph in the Biblical sense. Does all this make sense? I'm typing under the influence here. Someone has to celebrate the day before Christmas Eve. Oh goodness, I remember when Someone I Love was the angel with the speaking part -- the only angel who got to talk -- during the children's program at church. She was the sweetest angel ever. "Behold! I bring you tidings of great joy! etc., etc." And when Favorite Young Man was the little boy Jesus. And when he was the crucifer for the Christmas Eve service. My children have given me the greatest moments of joy in my life, even during the pain of childbirth, shared by Mary.

  12. What an interesting post! I have always pictured Mary to be plain- not ugly or pretty. She probably looked like many other women at that time- since no one wore makeup and her hair was simple. I think he childbirth was painful, but fast. I don't think shw was in labor for long. I have no idea where I got these ideas from- but this is what I imagine.


  13. Looks like the votes are split E! I guess we will settle this in Heaven. So glad God and Mary have a sense of humor. Well I hope Mary has a sense of humor. Otherwise she may kick my buttocks when I see her. Although I think I gave her more credit than you so you will get your buttocks kicked mwahaha womanly woman.

  14. After watching the video, I think you two could easily pass for sisters! I do think it's hilarious that you even considered what she looked like. I hadn't ever thought of that before. Although who doesn't think about what Jesus looked like? You'd think the Son of God would be drop dead gorgeous but it probably would have been much easier for him to live a sinless life if he was a total dog. Is that blasphemy??? And as I stated in my comments on my Christmas rant, I think she suffered in childbirth. If Jesus wanted to come as a full human, he need to do it correctly and that would be through a screaming mother! But I am forever ruined by my scholarly husband so don't even get me started on Christ's birth actually being in the spring and the wise men not even arriving until he was a toddler! Love you both and what I wouldn't give to have a convo with you two on that couch!!!

  15. Of course she was an average mom-trying to do her best, just like the rest of us!

  16. I think she had the heart of a saint and that's why God picked her so with a heart of a saint, you are beautiful inside and out even if that beauty is not by conventional means. After all, there wasn't any mascara back then!!

  17. Both of you woman are crazy as hell and I wouldn't want to be standing next to you when her 'Son' sends blazing ass lightning bolts down from heaven .......smiles..