Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Scribe Had a Dream

    I was in a different room, but I still heard the Scribe and the Hippie whispering.
    "What are you doing?" the Hippie asked.
    "Hippie, I want to tell you something.  If you have a dream, it probably won't be easy . . . but if you try hard enough, you might be able to make it come true.  Look at Mama.  She wanted people to read her book.  She worked hard and now her dream might come true."
    "O . . . kay.  But what are you doing?"
    "Isn't it obvious?  I have a dream."
    "And those scissors are gonna make it come true?"
    "Yes," the Scribe answered.  "But not just the scissors.  I also need an old toy box and some mint floss."
    I couldn't imagine what her dream could be.  I know I'm her mother; I should have known, but it was beyond me in that moment.
    I listened to them for awhile longer, until the Scribe squealed with delight.
    "Wow, I didn't know you could make something like that," the Hippie said reverently.
    "Of course I can.  If you try hard enough, you'll be shocked with the things you can do."
    The Hippie laughed.  "I think I'll have a busy life."
    I felt so proud--maybe those kids will be hard workers.  I grinned about it, then couldn't wait any longer.  I walked into the room and gawked at the Scribe.  
    That kid is such a character.  I'm glad she made her dream come true. Like I wrote before, I should have known.



  1. hahaha very creatvie, where there is a will there's a way, she just proved that.

  2. You changed your layout!!! hahahaha me likey xD
    This is just WAY TOO CUTE. Lol, I didn't know you could do that. Was she cutting off her glasses or making new ones? I can't tell

  3. Thank you.
    LOL! She made them from the cover of a plastic toy package. Soo funny :)

  4. That is awesome. :)

    I'm hoping I will do well with your challange post, I haven't been in the storytelling mode lately. Also, I thought I read that I had to link and follow a bunch of people who sponsored the event, do I still have to do that? Because honestly, while I really want to support you and your launch, I'm not up for additional following and tweeting and such. (especially since I have no idea how to tweet)

  5. How creative! She never did get the glasses she wanted did she? (or did she get them? I truly can't remember.)

    And don't feel bad about not knowing. I don't have kids so I can't comment on that but I watch a lot of crime/cop shows and there are times when the solution to the case (usually, the killer) is obvious but I don't see it until later. Like when the killer confesses or is caught. So, you're not the only one who doesn't always know the obvious :)

  6. That is great. You have taught your kids to use their minds in great ways, and that is amazing!!!!

  7. Julianna,
    To be in the blogfest, all you have to do is write a post about loss, coping or healing etc. and then include my blogfest button on the post. I hope that makes sense ;) You can find that button here:

    If you want to try to win the iPad2 or $500.00, you'll have to follow some people on a rafflecopter (I'll give details about that on 11/18) but just to do the blogest, all you have to do is a post with the button.
    Let me know if you have any more questions :0)

    She never got glasses, but I did LOL! What a deal. *still giggling*

    Thanks so much, Amy. They are fun.

  8. Your children are too amazingly clever and adorable. Looking forward to the 17th.


  9. Please go to visit Cade's grandmother SOON! I want to meet The Scribe, The Hippie, The Zombie Elf, Dr. Jones & YOU in person! You can even bring Cade, if you want.

  10. Creative glasses - she is such a cutie!!

  11. 2nd attempt at posting a comment--BLOGGER, I hate you!

    Please go to visit Cade's grandmother SOON! I want to meet The Scribe, The Hippie, The Zombie Elf, Dr. Jones & YOU in person. Oh, yeah--& Cade, too!

  12. lol. I simply adore your kids! They are so smart and fun and wise like no others! :)

  13. that's one awesome kid u've got there!!

  14. Oh wow hahaha that's super cure, wish I could've been this creative as a kid.

  15. A lovely post. Endearing and delightful. Scribe is so talented--I'm sure all your children are for they emulate their wonderful mother and their gifted dad.


  16. Oooh! I want a pair!
    I've written about so much loss lately I'm not sure if I want to go down that road again right now...and I've been fortunate enough not to have lost loved ones unexpectedly.'s going to be tougher than I thought to write something.

  17. I need new glasses so if she could make me a pair then I won't end up embarrassing my husband when I use my long hair for dental floss in a pinch! Multi use products are fabulous!

  18. LOL!!! I didn't see that coming at all. She gets an E for creativity and an A for workmanship. hahaha

  19. Your kids are obviously just as awesome as you...good job!!

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  21. Oh my. She's a character!