Wednesday, November 9, 2011

How do you put your kids to sleep?

    Sometimes it can be hard putting little ones to bed.  Half of the time, I think the Zombie Elf would rather be running around the neighborhood naked, than sleeping.  That little boy is such a card.  I call him my rainbow baby boy since Zeke died and then the Zombie Elf was born on Cade's birthday.
    Anyway, I went to put him to sleep last night, but things got crazier and crazier.  I put the puppy (our husky) in her kennel.  Poor dog, she always goes to sleep first.  I finally put Doctor Jones and my Zombie into their pajamas when suddenly my boy requested that we fly to the moon.  (Not a big deal, right--it is JUST the moon.)
    "Fine," I said and all four of my kids hopped onto the bed.  "Oh, my gosh.  It's a rocky ride this time."  I shook the bed and made rumblings noises.  "You better hold on for dear life."
    "What's dear life?" the Zombie screamed.  "I need to hold it." 
    My oldest girls started giggling as we flew past an asteroid and some comets.  The Scribe held Doctor Jones (my one-year-old girl) and the Hippie helped the Zombie as we battled aliens and so many things I bet Neil Armstrong never saw! 
     "We're almost to the moon.  Can one of you float over to the light and turn it off?" I begged since I couldn't leave the controls.
    It was the Scribe to the rescue.  That kid loves to float!
   Then, all five of us stared at the ceiling.  I put some glow-in-the-dark stars up there a while back--since we go to the moon a lot.
    I snuggled close to each of my kids and as we rested in the dark, looking up at the stars, I thought of how I may never go to the moon--or even Europe--but there's no place in existence quite as great as having family.
    "I love you," I told my kids.
    "And we love these trips to the moon," the Hippie said.
    "I do to, but we can't do it ever again!" the Zombie Elf said, suddenly ran, turned on the light and put his hands on his hips.
    "What?  Why can't we go again?" I asked.
    "Mama," he said.  "It's because you always leave someone out.  Mama . . . I have to tell you.  YOU forgot the dog."
    So, amends need to be made.  I love our trips to the moon, but do you think we'll actually make it there if our bed rocket tries hauling a mom, two older gorgeous girls, a zombie, a legend, and a husky?  I need your help!  How do you put your kids to sleep?


  1. I'd try booze--for the kids. not you--however, if you have it, you might not care if the kids sleep or not. If that doesn't work, there's always a hammer.

    How many times can I say that I LOVE your family? I sure hope you visit Cade's grandma soon--I want to meet you guys in person!!

  2. What a fun way to get to bed. I hate to admit it, but sometimes when I actually go to bed at the same time as Peanut we have giggle fits over making fake farts with our hands and mouths...on tamer nights I sing her to sleep...sometimes I think she falls asleep so quickly because that way she can stop hearing my singing!

  3. Your trips to the moon sound fabulously fun.

  4. Great imagination, i bet your kids absolutely adore you. =)

  5. Great post! I can never get mine to sleep and often fall asleep with them. It bugs me so much how much writing time that is wasting. I might try the moon game!

  6. I love trips to the moon. They won't want that much longer girl.. Enjoy every trip you can with them. Before you know it they'll want you not to go in their rooms. lol

  7. I've found booze to be a very efficient way to get to sleep--the kids might enjoy it, too!

    How many times do I have to say I LOVE your kids? I hope you visit Cade's grandma soon--I want to meet all of you in person!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I haven't had to deal with it in awhile; but if I remember correctly I used to get a sleeping potion from a woman with three teeth and a hairy wart.

    Of course these days that'd probably be frowned upon.

  9. What a great story, and yes the dog must be included next time or else! We have a very unstructured sleep-getting-to at our house, with my four usually slipping into each other's rooms well after I have read books and tucked little faces into bed. Round 2 usually includes some snuggling and a couple of sessions of what my 7 year old calls "magic fingers". ;)

  10. I just took my 2 yr old niece and 4 yr old nephew past the moon on our way to the park made of cheese. Their space ship was the jogging stroller. It was going great until he asked, "We're going to a park made of cheese? For real life?".

    "No Cody. Not for real life". *sigh*

    We'll be sure to wave at you on the moon next time we're passing by. But not for real life.

  11. cats don't go to sleep until they want too, that's all I got..haha...yeah the dog needs to come too, his bark can scare away those blue looking aliens with three arms, didn't you know that? Really got a great Bedknobs and Broomsticks trip going on, but with the added weight of the dog you may need two knobs

  12. My parents helped me and my brother get ready for bed. I'm sure they read to us, but I don't remember. And knowing my dad, he probably did voices for the characters on the nights he read to me.

    Your methods sound much more fun. Though I'm not sure they would've worked with two ADHD boys :)

  13. My 12 year old still loves being read to. It's my favorite part of the day. After lights go out he still wants me to stay there and talk. That's when all the 'big' questions usually come up. I know these times won't last forever, so I gratefully cherish them right now.
    love the new layout!

  14. That's awesome! Right now, I just have one that needs help getting to sleep. I tell him stories too, ones I make up, but much calmer stories. Then I sing quietly. "I've Been Working on the Railroad" has magical sleeping powers as does Kumbaya done "sleepy style" where the verbs are all sleepy words - yawn, sleep, snore, sleepwalk. "Someone's yawning Lord..."

  15. LOL think of it as a great work out !! you're family is adorable and cracks me up every timee :)

  16. Damn. My kids want to live at your house.

    I turn the lights out, and threatened to not let them have their friend sleep over this weekend if I hear a peep out of them.

    I'm horrible, I know.

  17. Screwdrivers. And, yes, I mean the drink. With actual vodka.


  18. huge imagination elisa!,no need to mention it :)anyways:)
    and your new template is wonderful!:)

  19. You may have given me a new idea for our next movie to our nephew! Dinosaurs in space could be the next big hit! You are genius...just don't forget the dog again ;)

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  21. Sorry take two on the comment.

    Your blog background and header is the best that I have ever seen Elisa. Wow--great appeal.

    On your question, it is driven by routine. Brush teeth, get drink, me (the bad guy parent) shuts the lights off and tells everyone goodnight, and (knock on wood) as long as I am consistent, it has been working.

  22. Dear Elisa,
    A heart-warming bedtime story. This could be made, with some editing, into a wonderful children's book. Think about it.


  23. The Girl has a process: eat dinner, drink milk, use potty, take bath, watch one short cartoon (usually half of a Dinosaur Train or Wonder Pets episode because they're only 12 minutes long), read a book, get in bed, line up 6 dolls next to her in bed, cover with blankets in a specific order, ten hugs, ten kisses, then to sleep.

    If you say to The Boy "Get in bed" he'll just go there, lay down, and wait for you to cover him up and turn off the light.

  24. Maybe they don't want to sleep because they are afraid of missing out on the adventures with their awesome mommy. :-)
    Seriously, try some lavender on the bottoms of their feet and a drop on their pillows. It works wonders. :-)
    Love and blessings.