Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Hippie's Mystery

    Yesterday, I woke up, made some coffee, wrote my blog--basically did all the important stuff--when The Scribe and The Hippie started acting very strange.  I strutted to the coffee machine and whistled some tune, but when I came back to sit down, The Scribe pulled my chair out for me (like she was a gentleman or something) and I almost fell on the floor.  She then proceeded to pour me some cereal and give me a big hug.  "I hope you'll have the most wonderful day."
    "Ooo-kay."  I had no idea where all that kindness had come from.  She giggled, an incredibly fake giggle, sat down and just stared at me.
    I set down the coffee and worried she'd put something in my cereal. "What do you want?"I asked.
    "Just a long life."
    I was about to ask her more, but The Hippie stubbed her toe.  "God did that too me," she grumbled.  "You know, He's in control of everything."  She rubbed her sore foot and then bounded toward me.  "I've decided something," she said as The Scribe sneaked from the room.  "The only reason people want to buy The Scribe's book and not mine, is because I haven't written one yet.  So, I'm writing a mystery!  It's gonna be awesome!"  
    Twilight Zone music played softly in my head.  "Really?  That's great.  What will you name it?"
    "I've decided on naming it. . . The Mystery!"
    I thought that was funnier than Charlie Sheen AND his face!  Next time I write a book, I think I might just name it after the genre too.  I could have The . . . Romance, The . . . Memoir, The Suspense, El Erotica!  It's gold, pure and sweet. 


    "Well, won't you help me?" The Hippie asked.
    "Sure, just get a piece of paper."
    "That's not how this works, Mom.  You sit at your computer and I tell you what to write."
    I laughed.  "No, Hon.  You have to write it yourself first."
    "Are you kidding?  I actually have to write if I want to make a book?  That's crazy."
    So, I grabbed her some paper and showed her how it's done.  As soon as she got the hang of it and was writing on her own, The Scribe came back into the kitchen. The kid was still acting COMPLETELY weird!  She had a picture in her hand, of when she was six.
    "Look at this picture, just look at it.  Weren't you beautiful?" The Scribe asked.
    "That's not me."  I raised a brow.  "That's you."
    "Oh my gosh, you're right!  It's just that you're so beautiful, I thought you were me."
    Like I said, she was trying to be nice.
    So, as The Scribe did some major sucking up, The Hippie kicked out her first chapter (which is below). As soon as I dropped the girls off at school, I called Melynda from:

Crazy World

    I thought of how she's been bringing my girls to VBS, and wondered if that was why The Scribe acted so strange. The Hippie was doing more than writing a mystery.  I felt like we were living in one!
    "The girls are acting really weird today.  It's hilarious," I told Melynda.  "What did they learn last night?"
    "Well, they learned about God and then when we were driving home I told The Scribe if kids are nice to their parents, they can live a long life."
    I thought about The Scribe's insane kindness and then about Exodus 20:12.
    "You know," Melynda said.  "She seemed a bit worried."
    I laughed really hard and told her all about my morning.  I talked to The Scribe about it later and she said, "I got worried I wouldn't live long.  If God lets you live longer for being nice, doesn't that mean He'd cut you short if you were mean?"
    I hugged her.  "You'll live a VERY long life, Honey.  You're a doll."
    "You really think so?" she asked.
    The Hippie burst through our hug.  "Oh my gosh!  You've just given me a great idea for my book, The Mystery.  I can have a mom and a daughter, and for some reason one of them is worried about dying soon because she was too mean to her dad and then, something was . . . stolen!"
    I smiled at her.
    "So, you gonna post my first chapter tomorrow?" she asked.  "I can't wait to find out what people will think of it."
    "Sure, Hon," I said and I typed her "chapter" into the computer.  I hope you'll love it as much as I do.  (The kid just learned about exclamations.)

The Mystery
by: My Hippie

    Once there was a girl. Somebody! stole her jewels. How did that happen?
    "I want them back," she said.
    But nobody gave them back. She worried if anybody would steal anything else. She got REALLY worried--her necklace was gone.
    Who stole it? 
    "Oh! how! did! I not see that?" she asked.  "Somebody stole my jewels and my necklace with my father's picture in it and the picture of me on the other side!  I want them back really bad.  I have to find out who it is." 

Talk about a cliffhanger, huh(!)  I LOVE those kids.