Monday, September 5, 2011

Vlog: Ban Abusive Sleepers!

    Seriously, what is the deal with abusive sleepers?  I feel like it's time to stand against them.  Just 'cause you're sleeping, that doesn't make abuse okay!
    Let me add a slight confession.  I used to be an abusive sleeper--when I was six.  
    But what's the excuse for adults who punch in their sleep?
    Do they have Tim Burton dreams?  Do they dream in clay?  Do they think of things like this!
(What the crap is this about anyway?  Gotta love google image finder.)

     Or possibly . . . the very WORST thing of all.  Are they abusive sleepers because their favorite brother, their ONLY brother, just created a blog and posted an embarrassing video of me them!!!
    Very possibly.
    Here's that link: Cow Woman
    By the way Shane(r) IF you are lurking on the net, reading this, I'm concocting a new plan THIS VERY MOMENT! Bwa ha ha.

   Anyway, back to the point, why are people abusive sleepers?  Please watch this video for further details about that question. 

A BIG Thanks to:
Melynda from "Crazy World" who's on the left,
Crazy World 
And Candiss from "Through the Wringer."  She's on the right.

I'm in the middle.

    Here goes:


  1. I'm so glad Phil doesn't read your blog. haha I didn't even tell him we did this. Maybe I should show him so he'll know I'm on to his pillow smothering ways.. Oh yeah baby

  2. Too FUNNY and true. So good. Really made me chuckle. But it's so true, what happens to these people to make their limbs just lose control in their sleep?! I like your theory about Tim Burton personally, myself.

    Awesome blog. Thanks for writing =)

  3. LOL! ;D

    I think these people are dreaming something so they move in their sleep ;D my friend once hit me in the face when we were sleeping in the tent... that was not cool at all, but I actually started laughing, cause she woke me up and scared herself :D

  4. Tony hit me once in his sleep. I make sure he feels bad about it still years later...BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

    I'm a kicker myself... Because really, a girl's got to do somethng when the snoring starts rattling the windows.

  5. LOL You have hit a sore spot here...yes sir you have! I am an abusive sleeper, or non sleeper as the case may be. I hit my husband in his sleep. I confess. He sings in his sleep, he snores and he jumps like a fish. Sometimes he keeps me awake so long that I go to the couch....Other times, I just punch him. Really, You are so tired and frustrated that this little devil comes out and I swear, I am not in control! Thank God I do not own a gun!

  6. Branden and are counting our blessings now! Neither of us are abusive sleepers, neither of us snore so the only thing I ever get frustrated over is the random few times Branden yells out in his sleep or crowds me on our KING bed..what's with that??? One thing that I couldn't help but think about while watching the video was, "what kind of gum are they chewing today?" hehehe, I've had a craving for cinnamon gum ever since that post!

  7. Hi, FUNNY LADY--

    I'm glad Cade didn't really break your VERY PRETTY face! Maybe you could have Shane come over & sit on him. That ought to help, with Shane being a bull & all!

  8. i confess that i sometimes twitch in my sleep and have elbowed someone laying next to me. only once. never again. i don't have anger issues, i don't think:)

  9. Cade is probably dreaming about fighting off all the women who mob him after winning Carol's contest...............

    My little experience wasn't scary at all. I kept thinking how this was going to turn into a great blog post......... My daughter tells me she thinks I have turned into a blog whore....... I told her she was wrong...... I'm a blog ho!

    By the way I went to your brother's site and spurred him on....... What a stinker you were (and still are). Reminds me of my daughter Patty.........

  10. My husband John punched me once during a dream where he was fighting off vampires. I don't know about deeper meanings, but every now and then, I bring this event up, and make him feel guilty.

  11. ---I can't hear the video....I'm so upset. Damn!

  12. You are ALL awesome. See, now I just need to make Cade feel guilty every now and then. ;) And I SHOULD have my brother sit on him *giggles*
    Oh and for the record, I was chewing MINT gum. I know it was the weekend when we filmed this, I might have been allowed one piece of cinnamon, but I guess I was feeling high and mighty during the video LOL! We still need to interview people about what kind of gum they chew.

    Thank you for all of your fun comments. You made my day!

    My Inner Chick,
    I need to put the camera closer next time so the sound will be better. ;)

  13. What is your brother's web site? Do you think it's a good idea if your followers got together & started some sort of canpaign against him? Or would his retribution be too severe? You know him better than we do!

  14. That was supposed to be CAMPAIGN not CANPAIGN.

  15. Fishducky,
    LOL! It might be fun to see what he'll do--he is an extremely intelligent engineer (one who once designed missiles) *giggles*

    Here's his site:

  16. We must have posted that at the same time. I didn't even notice the typo. ;)

  17. Hahaha!! This is too funny!! I'm usually the one that's kicking and moving too much. I of course don't notice because I'm a very heavy sleeper...some times my alarm doesn't wake me up!! My husband on the other hand is a very light sleeper.

  18. Every day your postings fill me in on the inanity and sanity, humor and fortitude, outrageousness and generosity that make for a good marriage.

    Having never had this experience, I'm learning and laughing each day with you. What an education! Thank you, Elisa.