Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mini Skirts and Laughter Lines

    This morning, I want to tell you about an amazing book I read.  I'll write a funny post this afternoon, but right now, you need to hear about "Mini Skirts and Laughter Lines."
    First off, please click here to visit Carol E. Wyer (the hilarious author):

    She's having a big virtual party tomorrow.  (I will be there along with many other people who I'm sure you'd have a ball chatting with.)  It's a great chance to check out Carol's book and get to know many fellow bloggers as well.   
    The party starts at midnight UK time Friday 16th 2011 and will go on all day.

    As posted on Melynda's blog,  
    "It should prove to be a fabulous opportunity to meet new bloggers and friends; a huge cyber gathering, so come on and join me. I can invite as many guests as I want and you only need to bring a sense of fun with you. You will be able to mix and meet a variety of people from Blogland.
    "There will actually be virtual games (have you ever tried ‘Pin the tail on a virtual donkey or virtual juggling?’), virtual food – you won’t get fat on that, music of your choosing. There is a ‘Mini Skirt competition with a few surprises. There is also a ‘Laughter Line contest where you can vote for your favorite joke – an event which should bring a smile to your face."

Just released in paperback - Carol's debut novel
Just released in paperback - my debut novel
Click above to purchase it.
    Amanda Wilson is turning fifty. Her wit and charm are hysterical.  At times I found myself laughing out loud, grinning over her fun-loving nature and awesome schemes to get her husband's attention.
    She has a son who still lives at home despite already going to college.  Her mother is an absolute delight of parties and awesome one-liners.  Her husband is too busy watching TV to notice anything except the moles in their yard.
    Carol E. Wyer had me glued to her book from page one.  I kept reading late into the night.  I simply HAD to know what happened once she found her ex-boyfriend, Todd, on facebook.
    This book is one that will not disappoint.  If you love to laugh and like blogging, then this is the book for you.
        I hope to see you at the party tomorrow ;)


  1. I've gotta check this out! Although, midnight UK time is my 6 pm here tonight...and I'll be in!

  2. Thanks for the tip, Veal. Sounds like a blast!

  3. Humor is always fun to see, sounds like it will be full of glee.

  4. If I have too many virtual drinks, I hope one of my blogging friends will put me in a virtual taxi! Carol promised lots of virtual champagne...........

  5. I can't get my head around the idea of a virtual party. Mind you, I hate parties in the real world so you probably don't want me turning up.

  6. This is one of my favorite post you have EVER written. So stinking funny!

  7. K I meant this one for your word post. Don't know why it posted on this one although this is a great review. So weird.

  8. Hi Elisabeth

    Visiting you via Carol's launch party which is going on all day.

    I too loved this book and gave it 5 star. I am a fan of Carol.


  9. Calling by from the judges room at the party to check out your review. This book certainly added a few more laughter lines to my face!

  10. Me again still in a partying mood, meeting lots of lovely new people. Thanks so much for becoming a Follower on News From Italy, I hope you will enjoy and may be I will even tempt you to take a look at My Book review blog as well.
    In the spirit of friendship, I like to get to know my readers so am following back.

  11. The party is almost as fun as Carol is! And the book was hilarious!