Saturday, February 2, 2013

It's my birthday AND I saw my shadow!

I love my birthday because it's Groundhog's Day.  Like I wrote above, I did see my shadow and (unfortunately) I'm more accurate than any groundhog alive.
     I've had some terrible b-days--like when Zeke died and his viewing fell on my birthdayI thought I'd hate February second forever.  Sweet family members, trying to make my twentieth birthday better, gave me sympathy cards and birthday cards filled with money.  That was very sweet of them to try making a devastating situation better, somehow.
    But I think I've also had the most amazing birthdays.
    Three years ago, after being on bedrest for months, I went into labor on February first and ended up having Doctor Jones thirty minutes before my birthday.  This is quite amazing considering that the Zombie Elf is born on Cade's birthday.
    Anyway, the next morning when I expected a single nurse to come check my blood pressure etc., an entire group of nurses and doctors came in and sang happy birthday.  They bought me a cake, held the baby and gave us special birthday wishes.  It was amazing.  And it taught me two things.

    Strangers:  People can often surprise us, being kind and generous without asking for anything in return

    Life:  Our personal reactions to experiences make us who we are.  But we need to remember, as bad as life gets, it can be the complete opposite--wonderful beyond our dreams

Today is also an awesome day because Cade has a huge, romantic surprise planned for my thirtieth.  I'm dying to know what we'll be doing today.  But nobody will spill the beans!

Also, my newest book went live as an eBook on Amazon today.  Talk about great timing!