Monday, February 25, 2013

A Movie Originally Banned from TV is now on Netflix for Kids!

A flying ship, Huck Finn, a stop motion adventure . . .
    Sounds like a great movie, right?
    And it really is except for one scene that left parents and critics balking.
    As a child, I watched this before it was banned from TV. Over the years I didn't retain much about the plot, just a vivid picture painted from the bit about Adam and Eve.
    But as an adult, one scene really shocked me. 
    Now my own children have a chance to watch this movie through instant streaming on Netflix for children.  Although, I'm a big fan of claymation, I doubt I'll let my kids watch this.

What do you think about this scene?
Are you surprised it's on Netflix?
Do you think it was rightfully banned from TV in the mid-80s?